Friday, June 26, 2009

Getting to the heart of it all...

I have heard of at least five, if not more, people that I or some one close to me personally knows who just suddenly crossed with a random heart attack. The most recent and not so personal victim is the ubber famous MJ. Why are seemingly healthy 30 - 50 year olds crossing with such massive and sudden heart attacks.

I am not certain if there is just one answer to that question. I will say that this energy shift is proving to be quite difficult for some, and it might be affecting some of us in the very core of who we are...our hearts.

I do definitely believe it does demonstrate to us, especially those of us in those age ranges, that you just never know when you are going home. On that note, hug your people. Tell them how important they are. Be kind to that person behind the counter. Make the last word you say be of love and tolerance. We just never know what the last word we say may be.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good things, great things, Joy and Abundance!

I am getting lots of phone calls from people telling me their lives are snowballing into the chaos. It seems this has really taken a strong turn in the last few weeks. You might be thinking to yourself that everything around you is falling apart. In reality, what is happening is that concept I always chirp on about, manifesting with our thoughts...that one, well it is really proving to each one of us exactly which way our thoughts flow.

If you are seeing that your life is falling apart, bit by bit.

Immediately start chanting "I am a very lucky person!"

Quite literally, your negative thoughts are forming around you - which makes your life begin to fall to pieces. The problem with negative thoughts is that you never know how they are actually going to form here in the physical realm. You might think, "Nothing ever goes my way..." And, then you have a car accident, or lose a promotion to your co-worker. The universe/God hears things literally. They can only send you what you ask for. In this case, they will send you all things that do not go your way.

Sarcasm does not translate to the other side. Wipe that from your character, if you truly desire joy and positive abundance to come your way. The law of attraction is actually in the Bible several times. The Secret was simply a trendy way of repeating what God told us in the beginning.

Which is: Matthew 13:12

For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.

On the flip side of that, your life may well be going better for you now than ever before...this is because you are keeping your thoughts in check and/or chanting like there is no tomorrow. If you do realize you are thinking negative stuff or worrying, just stop yourself and begin your good stuff immediately. Its all about balance and making sure you put more positive thoughts out there into the cosmos than negative. You win, if you do!

My best advice is to keep chanting "I am a very lucky person, and I choose Joy and positive abundance." Therefore - you shall have Joy, and be very lucky. Everything else in your life, will fall neatly and nicely into place.