Thursday, January 29, 2009


Here is the website for that clearing - I forgot to add to that last post.

Clean your energy everyday!

I always ask people when looking for an answer to their life, what is the rational obvious answer?  Then, look for the spiritual significance behind it, to see what also might be happening.  I am writing this particular blog today, because although the rational and obvious reason so many people are sick with stomach illness right now, is it is winter and the bugs thrive...The spiritual significance could be that as we are shifting into this major energy change, our chakras, and physical bodies are having to change to accommodate this transformation.  

Because our chakras are attached to our physical bodies, naturally, days will happen when we don't feel well, or are more likely to catch a bug.  In an attempt to help our bodies deal with these shifts easier, I am adding this link for you to go to the, "What is Lightbody" website to use their Triple Grid/Quad Grid clearing to clean the energy around your home.  

You might think energy clearing is not necessary - it is hugely important.  Yes, I probably made that word up...just go read the clearing!  I suggest you print it out and read it in the SE corner of your home every night, or perhaps twice daily, if anyone in the house is ill.  If you have alot of people coming and going out of your house, do it twice daily.  You can imagine it as being "spiritual lysol."  I know it sounds a bit out there...just do it and no, it is not evil.  

Until further notice, I and I suggest you too, do the clearing nightly while our angels work round the clock to move us into a higher level of awareness...
We are asking God to work through us and he doesn't work in a dirty house, so clean your "energies" daily.  

Thank you to the What is Lightbody website for posting their clearing's on line for mass access.  I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a copy of this book!  Fabulous.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yesterday in the news,  a California man killed his wife, and all five of his kids before taking his life.  Police are reporting that he and his wife had recently been laid off from their jobs. 

This morning in the news, a Denton area woman was pulled over for driving erratically.  Police found her inside the car, bleeding from multiple wounds, obviously a victim of an attack.  

An attack by herself!  After realizing she wasn't drunk, they found her attempting to talk on the phone, saying "just let me die!"  They found a butcher knife, and screwdrivers under and around her carseat.  They later found she had attacked herself in attempts to kill herself over a relationship gone bad.  

Suicide, is the farthest thing from a good answer, as you can get!  If you are having thoughts about suicide, bookmark this blog and reread this post every time you think of it again...and call a suicide helpline.  The national suicide helpline is 1-800-273-8255. 

When you are in agony over losing a job, loved one, relationship or overwhelmed by bills, jumping ship might sound like a rational answer.  Listen to me.  Many times, I have channeled suicides and just seconds after taking their lives, they regret it.

What happens when a person does take their own life?  The exact moment of our crossing was set before we were born.  That moment cannot be changed by any living person, including yourself.  We can let go of our bodies, yet remain here on  the physical plane.  This happens because there are different dimensions, we live on the 3rd dimension and when we leave our physical bodies we have no way to appear in 3d anymore.  

Our physical bodies are like "overcoats".  They  are a one time issue,  Once removed, can never be put back on.  Therefore,  take great care of them.  At the time of our physical crossing we ALL  "step" out of that jacket, and are once again in our lightbody, which is the true way we look. 

Our bodies are the single most important tool we have here on earth.  Once gone, we have no way of interacting in life.  Because we cannot change the time of our crossing, even by our own hand, suicide leaves the one responsible....stuck in the game of life without anyway to play.   

They, the suicide will remain on the earth dimension, around their family.  Just like before mostly, until the time of their already set crossing date.  At that time, they will move over to the spiritual plane, (they have already experienced their physical death), and then they will rest like everyone else.  When they are ready to reincarnate again, they will come back to earth and redo the life experiences from their previous life they ended.

The hellish part...  only thing that goes away is the physical body, everything else stays the same.  The pain you were experiences in your emotions will not go away.  Your thoughts, emotions, feelings, they all remain with you, and the icing on the cake...all the horrible pain that you caused your family members with your suicide will be playing to you in technicolor play by play, as suicides are keenly aware of every emotion they cause. 

Can you just imagine the pain of knowing your child is weeping for you, thinking it's their fault that you killed yourself?  You can't reassure them that is was not their fault because you have no way of communicating with them.  That is hell anyway you see it.  

People, our lives are not easy right now, true.  Our character to God is not measured by our credit score.  Those bills can wait.  Money situations always change.  This shift is helping us to trim those things out of our lives that no longer work for us.  Perhaps, you need another job, another house, downsize until you are not stressed so badly....find a new love that will cherish you.  As long as you have your physical body, anything can change!  

We are not all going through these huge life altering shifts to solely put us through the ringer.  At this time, we have to be open for the changes that our higher selves are putting before us.  Remember, we can't see the big picture from our vantage point, if things in your life are ending, just breathe....keep your head as calm as possible, and just breathe.    As long as you are breathing life can change!

Monday, January 26, 2009

What does intuitive mean, anyway?

A couple of years after starting my career I got very tired of seeing people cringe each time I said I was a "psychic".  So, I decided to change my title to "Intuitive" instead of "psychic."  

A week or so later a revised newspaper ad came out with my new title under my name and one of my friends stopped me in the store to ask me, why I wasn't doing that "psychic" thing anymore.  She had read the newspaper and wondered what line of work I was in as an "Intuitive!"

I tried to explain that both words meant the same thing, but eventually, I gave up trying to explain myself to her and each time I had a phone call inquiring about my services.  Eventually,  I reverted back to using psychic, less explanation involved.  

The funny thing is intuitive or intuition is the politically correct way of saying one is psychic.  I think it is interesting however, that American marketing companies have adopted the word, intuitive, as a description for appliances, cars and computers, to just name a few non-intuitive objects.  Intuitive, meaning derived from a natural tendency and intuition meaning derived from a natural instinct according to the Web dictionary.  

It makes me wonder: why do we clammer to have intuitive cars and ovens, yet, we cringe when one mentions they are an intuitive for a living.  It smacks of just a bit of fickleness to allow one, yet, condemn the other.  

Intuition, psychic abilities, channeling, are all the same terms used to describe the connecting of subtle energies that are not being said, are instinctively within us all, and a natural occurrence that originated from another source.  Many of the greatest masterpieces on earth, both literary and musical are believed to be entirely channelled pieces.  Mozart for one wrote all of his compositions without revision. 

One of my clients was telling me about a person that accused her of not being of God because of her title of psychic...Well, I wonder about all of those prophets in the Bible that God sent out? Were they all led astray too?  Were they all damned to hell even though God sent them?  What about the prophecy of the baby Jesus' birth?  Would that major day be listed under immediate damnation or the birth of the savior of all?  

I say potato, potauto.  We are what we are.  We are all psychic like it or not!  There is no getting around it.  The intuitive age is here and our intuition is not going away,  our spirituality is here to stay!  It's all good.

Friday, January 23, 2009

After losing a loved one.

What happens when you take a crayon out of the box?  All the other crayons move around to take up the vacant space left behind.  They might stay all standing up nice and straight for a bit, but eventually they move around and instead of nice straight rays of color, you have a mess in the crayon box.  

Families are just like boxes of crayons.  When one family member physically leaves (crossing over) inevitably everyone's energy starts to shift to take up that vacant space.  I have seen this happen so many times, in my long career.  However, even though I anticipate what is about to happen, and try to brace my client for the oncoming energy shift, it is a gut wrenching experience and family members can turn on each other.  

If you are going through this, you are not alone.  Your siblings are not damned to hell.  They have not lost their minds, perhaps a part of their hearts, but even that will eventually heal.  If you had a good relationship before the loss, you will once again when everyone gets used to the change.  

This reorganization of energy affects the whole clan.  Unless of course, it was a family member that you never knew or had not seen in years and years.  I would still think that even in this type of situation, some energy shifting still happens, to the entire group although in less severe or perceivable ways.  

After suffering a loss of a family member, if you can, table as many major decisions for six months.  I know this is hard, and some things have to be taken care of, just relax and let the things that can wait, wait.  Sometimes, the only families can agree on during this time is to just leave things alone. 

Once the energy settles, decisions will be easier to make, the people in your family that seemed to have lost their minds will have hopefully calmed down and level headed thinking can once again take place. 

Like crayons we all have unique beautiful qualities to bring to the family.  Just breathe, ignore those crazy things your family is doing and know that one day your family will be able to find their correct space, straighten up and life won't feel like it is such a mess!  

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are you awake yet?

I have been chirping along about these "big", "epic" changes for a while now.  Any intuitive can say that change is coming and be correct.  Taxes, and change are pretty much a no brainer. 

What is different now more than any other time, is the magnitude and types of change that we are all undergoing.  Some call it the ascension process.  Some say awakening.  Uninformed others may say, we are "doomed, doomed doomed!"  

Regarding that last little doomsday snippet,  I say, "for God's sake, get a hold of yourself and ditch the drama!"  We are not doomed....quite the opposite really.  

I am not sure the exact moment, but pretty sure it was set into motion this fall, we, as a collective consciousness, (spiritual beings living human lives here on earth), chose the higher road.  Essentially, we agreed, on an unconscious level, to have a more spiritual experience here on earth.  We agreed to release the strangle hold we have on the material, physical plane and focus on the spiritual plane.  This is a very, good thing for us all!

The earth is in on the great shift too.  Just like the rest of us, she too, is in for a good old house cleaning of outdated, stale, non-useful energy.  Energy that is no longer working for her, just like we all have situations in our own personal lives that need a good brooming.  This badly needed cleaning is happening whether we like it on a conscious level or not, so I suggest you get on the bus and just allow the cleansing to commence with an open heart, and stop complaining. 

The world is not going to end.  Parts of our reality are definitely shifting into a different vibration, which means they are mutating into a better form.  Perhaps, some of our systems are not set up to our highest good, and they need to be torn down and reconstructed.  Remodeling is a good thing.  Letting go of the old, always allows room for better, more prosperous energy to come into any space.  

So, how do you use this info in your own personal world?  

Allow.  How about chanting to yourself over and over, " I allow."  "I am lucky"  "I choose joy and abundance."  This will help you stay centered in your life when shifts and changes are taking place around you.

Think of yourself on a floating raft, and these statements keep the raft level even though there are crazy wild rapids all around you...yet, you're chanting and just drifting down the river while angels work fast and swiftly to reorganize our world.  

"I allow, I am lucky and I choose joy and positive abundance."  

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dealing with our shifting energies

Have you ever had a moment when a friend was having a horrible crisis and after downloading to you - you then felt awful too?  Energy is palpable and negative energy can attach to even the most chipper of people dragging them down into a pit of "ick" for no apparent reason.  If you are having a bad day and there is no outward obvious reason behind it, chances are you have been latched upon by random "ick" who's origin had  nothing to do with you personally.  

To deal with this type of situation, you can imagine yourself inside a  bubble of white light.  You can see a whirlwind of energy around you that is blowing all negative energy away from you, replacing it with the highest most positive energy.  You can also ask your guardian angel to release all negative energy that has attached to you, and allow it to return to it origin.  A simple hot shower can do wonders for washing the nasties right out of your aura, helping you to relax in the process!

These above mentioned energy clearings are fabulous!  But, what do you do when it seems that everyone is having a bad day for no apparent reason?  With the energies of our planet and consciousness rapidly shifting, these days have, and are gonna happen.  My best advice for those days is to use the personal cleansing methods above on your own self, home and family spaces, and wait out the day.

Days when everything seems to be going haywire for everyone, contracts should not be signed, agreements should be put on hold, communication if working at all, should be kept at a minimum.  Usually on these types of days even getting in contact with people is hard.  

Just wait those "ick" days out.  Get through the day, mind your daily tasks, and leave bigger decisions for another day.  Most likely when the sun comes up again, the global energy will be refreshed and you can hunker down to business tasks again.  

FYI...NO ONE  can manipulate another's personal space.  You can hope to change your teenagers aura, but good luck.  Once kids hit puberty, they rule their own psychic spaces, only kids younger than puberty are still ruled by their parents dominant energy.  Energy clearings only work on the individual doing them, and their kids under the age of puberty years.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I couldn't say it better!

Text of the benediction by Rev. Joseph Lowery during President Barack Obama's inauguration, as transcribed by CQ Transcriptions.

"Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around...when yellow will be mellow...when the red man can get ahead, man: and when white will embrace what is right.  That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen." 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama's role

FYI:  All comments made in my blog about political issues, candidates, Presidents, the country, etc.  are purely based on the the issues that spirit talks to me about.  This blog is not intended to be a political forum. 

Way back when Obama first threw his hat into the ring, Spirit picked him as president.  He is the angels president.  Doreen Virtue wrote about doubles and triplicates of numbers being signs from the other side, 444 being a sign from the angels...well, Obama is the 44Th president!  I think he was absolutely destined to be standing on the steps of the capital tomorrow morning.  Each time during the campaign when I would see him on TV, spirit would whisper into my head.."Mr. President."  

I believe that if every person in the country voted for the other ticket, Obama would still have won.  He is Spirit's choice.  He is one way or another a catalyst of change for our planet, not just America.  He is not evil, far from it. Hello,  Angels do not pick evil.

I also feel a strong sense of "Kennedy" around him.  I am not sure what Kennedy, or if he is just surrounded by that family energy, perhaps part of their soul family, but that energy is definitely there with him.  

I hear spirit in my head all the time.  I hear them talking to my clients, I know their "energy" so to speak and the best way to describe the feeling of spirit in the way that they relate to us as people is like an adult at Christmas time.  They get excited for us, yet they keep mostly calm about things...with one exception.  The night before Obama was elected they were actually - giddy with excitement!  I have never heard them act like that before and over a decade is a long time to listen to a group!  

That election eve, they would not be calm...kept talking to me in my sleep about "how proud they were of us."   I would wake up, listening to them, try to sleep and they would wake me back up again! 

Apparently, we chose as a group to overcome our ingrained archaic hateful belief systems that were rooted in the very core of who we were as humans.  WOW!  I am not sure it is all about race, I really think it goes way beyond that to the acceptance of the fundamental spirit of mankind.  We are not all the same, yet we are all the same, there is simply no reason to hate each other for it.  Why now?  Well - people have to get really really uncomfortable to finally choose differently!  We as humans historically do not like change of any kind. 

Good for us.  Good for Obama.  Thank you to Obama and his family for bravely standing in what will most surely at times, be overwhelming energy,  for the good of us all.   

In the beginning... kind of!

So, we have all heard and uses phrases such as - " She lived her whole life to get to this moment! "  Well, we as a group, a human group of souls that come here to earth to experience different situations and  emotions for the purpose of evolving as souls -  have lived our entire collective lifetimes' to get to this moment in this piece of time, and it is a huge, epic moment. 

I personally started to feel the shift a couple of years ago and of course, comforted all my clients "not to worry, that it would soon be over and life would get back to "normal" soon."  This last year, 2008, it occurred to me, perhaps "normal" may be a thing of the past!  DO NOT PANIC.

This shift is for the highest good of us all.  It is exactly the place we have been aspiring to get to for as long as we have "been".  So, what exactly am I talking about?  I am talking about the obvious, apparent change, that has taken our world quite by surprise.  The change in our world governments, (yes plural), our belief systems,  banking, the planet, our fundamental way of life and under it all, our shifting, evolving, stretching to the light spirituality.  

How absolutely exciting!