Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring fresh energy!

Rake up those fallen leaves and let go of stale energy in your life.  Plant some bright flowers and see the beauty in all areas of your life.  Clean up those cluttered corners and make way for fresh new energy to come your way.

It's finally spring!  Beautiful things, and amazing potential are popping up all around us!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Day!  New Website!

I finally listened to my webmaster about changing my website to a more web friendly format.  I thought my website was already friends with the web!  I thought we had been tight for years!  Change is change.  Change is good.

Here's hoping this day finds you happy, healthy in both your private and web lives.

Have a groovy day!

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Energy, New Day, Whoot!

Finally we have moved past the energy of the Mayans calendar, and past 2012.  Finally.  For me, it couldn't come fast enough.  2013 brings a breath of fresh new energy with it and that energy will get sweeter as the year goes by.  Expect calmer, happier, easier energy in general.  We all need it.

The year is still early, and we are moving past some pretty heavy stuff from last year.  Give it a lil time and give your life a chance to adjust.

While the adjustment is happening, see your lives frayed edges relaxing and smoothing out.  Regular daily interactions will even get better, easier.  We will all eventually feel it.  This is global, man!  It's happening even as I type this and it's totally inline with a higher spiritual awareness and bliss.

Sit back and breath deeply!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Today is the beginning of some pretty spectacular energy. Just assume the next year - 2012 has already started today. Glorious change is swirling around us in a once in a lifetime epic volume. Are you getting the drift....Its BIG.

Today, to quote Pedro...."all your wildest dreams will come true!" So, be very mindful of what your minds are saying today because those conversations you are having with yourself....are going to come to pass EVENTUALLY. Is that really something that you truly wish?

If you find yourself struggling...just chant -

I choose Joy
I am a very lucky person
I choose happiness, wealth and health and chant it or all of them - ALL DAY. Don't whistle while you work...chant one of these things in your head.

If you just happened to think about this blog (that has been inactive for years) or you just stumbled upon it...YOUR higher self sent this message to you.

This concludes this message from the THINK POSITIVE THINGS ALL DAY NETWORK!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Where in the World is Carla Mae

She has been taking a long, long breather. She has been channeling her creative energy into making art and being a recluse. Sometimes, we just need to separate ourselves from ourselves.

I feel big change imminently, although I feel that every year for the past few years during September and October. As usual, my advice is to breathe, smile and really try to see the good in the people around you.

If you have been wanting a reading from me and haven't been able to get through to me, email me at

If you would like to view and or purchase any of my can visit me

I hope you all have a wonderful fall!

Carla Mae

Monday, November 9, 2009

What do you know?

Being intuitive does not mean one is all knowing.

But, if you listen and pay attention, somedays you know just enough!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


If you are a real psychic, why don't you fix the worlds problems?

Psychic does not mean "fixer of all wrongs." We all have free will, this allows us to determine our individual paths. There is also a collective free will, not forgetting, God's Plan. These factors determine the greater free will of a group, race, nation, religion, and planet. One individuals free will, or even one whole groups collective free will, would not be enough energy to shift the collective free will of a planet, or God's Plan.

Because we come here to Earth to learn emotional experiences through first hand physical experience, ridding the planet of challenges would be a counter-productive action. Humans learn the most when times are hard, lean and not fun. We have to know the bitter, to understand and appreciate the sweet.

Now, that being said, if an entire country decided to stop warring altogether, at once. Then, and only then would you be able to effectively redirect the concept of war. Even then, you would still have the rest of the planets nations that may or may not be going against your decision, so the ideal of ridding the planet Earth of war, is a distant hope.

To successfully change one nations collective idea of accepting war, we would have to first stop warring each other in our families, in our neighborhoods. We would have to stop warring between our churchs, schools, and HOA"s, just to name a few places we commonly wage war. All that change would have to super cede a major global change in the acceptance of warring over land or societal rights.

So you see, expecting one soul on the planet to be responsible for that magnitude of change is not reasonable or rational. Besides that, have you ever been to an HOA meeting!