Monday, January 14, 2013

New Energy, New Day, Whoot!

Finally we have moved past the energy of the Mayans calendar, and past 2012.  Finally.  For me, it couldn't come fast enough.  2013 brings a breath of fresh new energy with it and that energy will get sweeter as the year goes by.  Expect calmer, happier, easier energy in general.  We all need it.

The year is still early, and we are moving past some pretty heavy stuff from last year.  Give it a lil time and give your life a chance to adjust.

While the adjustment is happening, see your lives frayed edges relaxing and smoothing out.  Regular daily interactions will even get better, easier.  We will all eventually feel it.  This is global, man!  It's happening even as I type this and it's totally inline with a higher spiritual awareness and bliss.

Sit back and breath deeply!

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