Monday, March 30, 2009

She's Back!

Just a little tasty morsel to get your mouths watering about the first, in a long time, live event I a having here in the DFW area.  I will be getting details out to you - it's The State of our Soul from the horses mouth... that's right folks, I will be talking about the shift and delivering messages from the Angels and other side. 

It's gonna be fun!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Be a star!

"The molecules of your body are the same molecules that make up the nebulae, that burn inside the stars themselves. 

We are star stuff."


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


"You can do this....You all have a master in you.  You would not be alive right now, if that was not the case.  Timing here on earth really is divine.  Choose joy.  Choose light.  Insist that you live in nothing short of truth, honesty and integrity.  Only then, will you truly be in your most perfect scenario!"

- words from an Archangel

Did you feel that?

At approximately 4:00 a.m. CST today, there was another shift.  Many people have reported being restless last night. 

I am not sure exactly what new energy this recent shift is bringing to us, although I am sure we will soon see it in each of our lives.  

I would imagine it will further support the surfacing of old issues.  Issues that were once thought dealt with, put on the back burner or forgotten about in our minds.  

Going with the flow is a good idea, presently.  Making set plans month ahead will be difficult, in most situations.  Allow our co-creator energy to rule your decision making right now.  That means, if something is not flowing well, let it go and allow another idea to come to you. 

This is not a time to push anything.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog....Blog

Why do I think that anyone has time in their day to listen to what little ole me has to say?  You might be saying.."Nobody cares, so shut up...You are so annoying!"  Well, then you would be quoting Madagascar!  

I write this blog, not to hear myself chirp away, but because the angels, yes, the Archangels asked me to do it.  They knew this particular point in our life, as in the life of earth, was going to be terribly wretched to live through, and in their foresight, asked me to be just one little voice.  

I call it my public service.  I do it because they asked me to.  Much like many things in my career,  because I was asked to.  It is called, "living by faith, letting go and letting God, trust, crazed?" Perhaps, all of the mentioned.  I know, no matter what you call it, if I step aside and just do what I am asked, then life goes much easier for me.  

I recommend you do the same...and maybe start you're own blog too!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chanting, and creatively baking dirt. HUH?

So, you are irritated with life.  Stressed out to the max.  Everyone and everything is stomping on your very last sane nerve and you feel like you can't get away from it.  What to do?  

There are a few cheap and easy everyday things that can greatly help you release your stress and ground yourself back down and away from other's chaotic energy. 

Chant... we are very lucky people. Over and over and over in your head, as many times a day as you can.  I really can't stress this one enough.  You may not realize it, but those words have energy and that energy will keep you balanced like a cork in water.  It will help you just float through your day, unable to be dragged under, no matter what!  Plus, it will attract great stuff to you. 

Garden...Touching the ground, dirt and organic matter, naturally grounds you.  Ground=dirt. Very simple, and a great time of year for it.  I would actually let some of the dirt get on your skin, you don't have to dig with your fingers, just don't be super neat.  That smearing of mud may well be the best, cheapest spa treatment you can get right now!

Bake...Anything.  Baking is a very nurturing, grounding ritual.  It has incredible strength and energy tied to it.  A ritual is anything that is done with purpose and repetition.  It is in a sense, basic care giving.  Feeding ones hunger, providing comfort are ways to help ground and heal, which baking does well.  It is a great time to try some new spring recipes.  If you don't have the time to whip up anything from scratch, a two dollar mix from the baking aisle works just fine.  The healing comes from the act of baking, not in the final product, so much.  That means, you can bake away, give the goodies to the office or friends, and still reap major benefits - without gaining a pound.  

Create...Making something by hand is a wonderful way to ground, and open up those psychic channels in yourself.  Creative energy and psychic energy are the same thing, channelled in a different way.  Again, as with the baking, the final product is not so important as the act.  Paint the same piece of canvas, again and again.  Paint your wall different colors, knit, try your hand at clay modeling, it doesn't matter.  Just let some of those creative juices flow.  You will be surprised at how calm you feel and you just might discover a hidden talent in yourself!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't forget to accessorize!

Have you noticed something as you are going about your day?  Have you taken time to watch others around you.  See something you might now have seen about three months ago?  Noticed more unhappy faces than usual?  

Yep, that is right.  NO smiles.  We went to a much needed night out this weekend, and I couldn't believe the unhappy faces.  I am not just talking stoic, but down right, "let me burn you with my eyes" faces.  In cars, restaurants, the movie store, grocery store, even fun places, seemed joyless.  I actually felt bad for many of the people sitting around us at dinner because their faces just seemed to scream, "I am so miserable!"

I can hear my clients bristle when I mention change in a session.  Humans as a whole, loath change.  But, you know this much needed and highly anticipated "shift", or change is what  our souls needed to do.   The process is confusing.  The confusion is irritating, and unsettling.  The unsettled feeling is actually the fertile ground from which a beautiful new "us" will emerge from.  

So, when you get dressed in the morning, don't walk out the door without the one most forgotten, yet so important accessory to your day.  You never know, your smile may just be that little bit of extra "umph" your co-worker, neighbor or fellow commuter needed to see beaming back to them.  In turn, you just might need to see theirs too!  

   My daughter used to be in the drill team and they had a cute little saying, for those times when their "less than balanced" director was being goes - 

" FUN!"

Try saying that without smiling just a little! Especially when someone around you is not being nice back to you!  Just say that in your head and you will giggle, perhaps just a bit!

A smile is free, catchier than the flu, and is definitely just what somebody ordered for us right now!  We ALL need them!  Smiles are animated light!

Compliment your wardrobe with one, everyone else will thank you for it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can you read this without crying...good stuff!

Go Margaret, Go Margaret!

"If it's me against 48, I feel sorry for the 48."

Margaret Thatcher

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Prune those gardens!

I have a rose bush in my garden, named and propagated for Pope John Paul II.  I call it the Popa Rosa.  It is one of my most prized possession's.  It's bloom is bold, creamy, white and smells divine.  It makes me happy to see it proudly displayed in my humble, little garden.  

Last year, despite my fussing and spraying, the Popa was plagued by one problem after another.  Although by fall's end, it stood a towering six feet tall, black spot had ravaged it of it's leaves, and to say the least the Popa was not looking so rosy. 

So, reluctantly in late January, I cut him back.  As I was trimming off the diseased branches, it did occur to me that perhaps, I might be cutting back just a bit too aggressively.  But no matter...I had to take some drastic measures.  The Popa was not going to be well again this year, without intervention.  

You know in horticulture, cutting back an ailing plant will cause renewed growth and vigor.  So, I cut back the Popa and waited.  Today, just weeks after it's shearing, it is growing back with gusto!  Even the thickest, woodiest branch, although reluctant, finally put off new shoots, and I am happy to say, soon I will be smelling it's divine bloom again.  

On the other side of the fence, are three rose "trees" that are equally growing like crazy.  First glance would make you think that they are healthy, happy and strong.  Yet, I noticed aphids and white flies on them yesterday.  They too, just like the Popa are needing some TLC and some pruning, so they too, can thrive through the summer.  If I leave them, the beasts that are using them as a food source, will destroy their blooms and leave them ailing.  

Life is mirrored in the garden.  Just like our plants, our life can sometimes look so grand to the casual observer.  Unless skilled to see the subtle signs of disease, no one may notice that your life is growing out of control, yet diseased and unhappy. 

At first glance,  the sudden shoot of a of a rose bush, may appear impressive.  Grand lifestyles can be just the same, outwardly impressive, but in need of pruning, to bring the whole into balance. 

It makes me wonder this symbolism of the garden.  Did God see our garden we have all grown here and in his wisdom, knew we were all in need of pruning, some needing more pruning than others.  Just like the woody, oldest branches of a rose, people, no matter how set in their woody old ways, are always capable of new growth.  

There was an article today on Yahoo News about how frugal penny pincher's are taking their miserly behaviors to extremes in this recession.  It detailed different scenarios from some clipping coupons, to actually saving uneaten scraps of bagels to use later as bases for pizzas. One woman actually went from stockpiling a quarter of her pay to half of her pay, admittedly out of fear.  Anything we do out of fear, will only feed more fear.  The things we do that feed simplicity, truth, and health will in turn, bring more stress free living, growth and health.  

Just like that beautiful rose bush that was trimmed back to just ugly sticks a month ago, it now is covered in vibrant growth, and ready to take on an new year of blooming.  So shall we all!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good God "Amighty!"

It has been brought to my attention, my original posting about choosing whatever you would like to do in life, without societal restraints, needs clarification.  I assumed that when I wrote the blog it was pretty well stated, as well as implied, that whatever one might choose for their life - be positive.  Not what you think would make you happy, but truly positive. 

So for all of you out there who may need a bit more ruling...I thought it went without saying, that your perfect scenario was a beneficial, no harm done type of activity.  To be living to the highest good of all and to harm no one, including yourself.  In full disclosure, I am literally shaking my head, but here goes...

So, no, you can't be trying to date another woman's husband or wife.  

And no matter how justified you believe it is that another couple is not happy, nor has been happy, breaking up a marriage really just does not qualify in the no harm category!  

Divorcing sick people, taking from another, refusing to get a job when you are young, viable and perfectly capable of working, but would rather not, and eat off of food stamps, all those activities do not fall under any part of this, no harm creed.  Using food stamps in that manner, just screams, "there is a breakdown in my life, and I need some help" - perhaps mentally.

Connecting to the darker side of spirituality, feeds the very thing we all struggle with in life, negativity.  Besides, it only brings you chaos...does this speak of your family situation? Immediately change what you choose to have around you, if that is the case!

Taking from another in any form, is stealing, no matter how big or small, real property or intellectual.  

A bit of personal responsibility is needed for us all to choose a different life.  One that would make us happy, and personal responsibe directly excludes another person having to lose a part of their life, no matter how justified you think it is,  for your benefit.

By the way, if you think Angels of any level are telling you that you are justified in this behavior, or helping you to do it, you are very misguided...Angels do not support that behavior.  They will move two people in to mutually beneficial places, but I have never heard of a "other woman's" wish to have a husband divorce their wife, receive Angelic support.  That old issue with " in the name of God" is a problem for some metaphysical people too.  

I received some great advice today.  I was told to look at the master soul in everybody, and to expect that part of them to present themselves to me.   It may sound like a large order, but we are all here for a reason people, and yes, you have it in you, and yes, you need to learn to access it at will.  There is no need for another person to figure out your life, unless of course, you are refusing to do so.  In that case, you need to get a grip, leave other people's property and spouses alone, get a job, make your own way in life, and expect your self to live life with the highest amount of integrity.  

We all make mistakes.  It is what life is about.  Each one of us will inevitably be the one's suffering for our poor choices.  I suggest you memorize, to the highest good of all and to harm no one, including yourself.  In honesty, this creed of living makes life decisions, perfectly clear.  Perhaps not the way would would selfishly choose it to go, but better for you, and the rest of the world in the long run.  

 We can do this... we all have a master in us.  You would not be alive right now if that was not the case.  Timing here on earth really is divine.  Choose joy, choose light, insist that you live in nothing short of truth, honesty, and integrity.  Only then, will you truly be in your most perfect scenario!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Coming to the surface for fresh air!

This ongoing energy is bringing all issues to the surface.  How does that translate to our lives?  You might be finding that your family members, friends, even casual acquaintances are showing sides of themselves that are just a bit surprising.  You are too. This energy is not selective.  If there was old stale, repressed, ill energy shoved to the back shelf, so to speak, you probably are seeing evidence, clear evidence that like all unhealthy energy, it is finally being released.  

This could be happening in the form of a much needed divorce, finally coming to completion!  Smile, smile!  I could be coming in the form of old, unspoken, abuse issues working their way to the surface.  Lost jobs, that needed to be lost, months ago.  Perhaps, you are just finding it almost impossible to stay quiet, as you see obvious, bad behavior, happening right in front of you.  

The time for candor is at hand.  The time to allow people to get away with acting badly towards us is past...whatever the situation.  This level of integrity holds for us all.  We are being prompted by an internal source to choose light and correctness.  

Correctness being, to the highest good of all and to harm no one, including ourselves, foremost.   For those of you who are reading this blog, and have a spiritually based business, the time to expect the ultimate integrity in yourself, and your fellow colleague, is now.  We cannot expect the worlds view of our type of business to change if we do not actively expose behavior which feeds  negative views of our business.  It seems so simple.  Just speak up.  Not always easy to do.  Never fun.  But necessary.  

This really does speak to all of us, in a spiritual business, or not.  Speak your truth.  Do not allow yourself to turn your head, when an obvious wrong is occurring right in front of you.  Allow yourself to face those issues that are coming up around you.  They are rising to the surface to be healed, which may mean confrontation of some kind.  Confrontation does not always have to be nasty business.  One can speak truth, without police involvement. 

Allowing dis-eased energy to be resolved and finally leave us is the path to accepting this ever growing light energy in our world.  As these issues come up, speak your truth, make your stand, take responsibility for your part, allow the other side to state their case, and then see the issue turning into white energy in your mind, and let it go.  

It is the path to freedom.  Freedom from useless heavy energy.  See yourself as a flashlight, burning brightly for those around you to see.  Maybe those around you cannot find their own flashlight, or their batteries are burned out and corroded...that is OK, they will see with you, through your torch.  

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let the great outing begin!

My entire career, I have struggled with the issue, of less than credible people, using my type of career work, as a means to scam uninformed people out of money.  I am not alone, it is the hardest thing to overcome as an intuitive based business...the long history of scam artist, theives, and plain old liars using metaphysics as a shady curtain to hide behind, while taking as much, and quickly as they can from their "clients" is an ongoing crime.

Their excuses are always the same..."but I am helping."  "I am doing it out of love..." This type of scam artist works fast and furiously to get as much money from their unsuspecting client before they are found out.  Teaching classes on intuition and Reiki, are a niche where these types of con artist can work for quite some time without being found out.  They typically pick locations to do this, in small communities where the local knowledge about such matters is minimal and competition is scarce. 

Once established they go to town, destroying the sacred rituals hand down Reiki Master to Reiki Master for decades,  with ultimate care being given to keep the sacred rituals of this practice pure.  They have no concern for the rituals or correct way to teach this healing art, because the true, honest way to teach Reiki takes something they do not want to utilize...time! 

For a true Reiki attunement to be given correctly, one must wait a minimum of 21 days between attunements.  Attunements are the ritual that awakens the healing energy of Reiki in the student.  This awakening is always, without fail, followed by a cleanse of energy.  This cleanse can be minimal in it's physical affects, or quite uncomfortable.  

Anyone who has had a real Reiki attunement will tell you, they knew something had occurred to them, as they stayed quite close to the bathroom, for days following the attunement.  The biggest giveaway that fake Reiki attunements are being given, is multiple levels of Reiki being taught at once.  This is against the hand down teachings of Reiki, and if one were to be attuned to two levels of Reiki at once, I dare say, the following month would be a bit uncomfortable and awkward for them dealing with two cleanses at once. 

I have heard recently of Reiki classes being given all four levels at one weekend.  Not the real Reiki.  This practice would not only be physically impossible for the Master to conduct, as the attunement is performed via the Master's aura, the cleansing process for all involved would be near debilitating.  

Reiki is not meant to be rushed for a reason.   I cannot go any longer hearing about innocent unsuspecting people paying money for something they are not getting.  If you did actually take Reiki from someone, touting they would teach you all levels in one weekend, or even two of them, thinking you were getting a speedy expedited training, you didn't.  You most likely are not even participating in an authentic Reiki class, as handed down by Dr. Usui, the founder of Reiki. 

What do you do if you have been had in this manner.  Chances are you are not going to get your money back.  You might try though.  Demanding that you be re-attuned in the correct manner will get you no where, as the person who did this to you, probably never had a real Reiki class in the first place themselves.  

Here are the things to look for in an USUI Reiki Master: 

They teach only one level at a time, with a minimum of 21 days between each session.  The third and Master classes are ok to teach closer together, but this usually falls on the discretion of the student's spirit guides and the Master class will fall in line when the student is ready. 

When you go to the Reiki I class, look around you.  If there are more than 8 people, and that is alot for a level I class, leave.  Reiki I attunements are the hardest attunements to perform, they are labor and energy intensive to the Master giving them, and each person in class will have to receive 4 attunements that day.  It takes about 20 - 30 minutes to attune a person to Reiki I, with that many people, you will be sitting in an altered state for up to four hours.
Note:  this amount of attunement is physically exhausting to the Master.  

After the Reiki attunement you will go through a cleanse.  It might be minor in some ways, major in others.  I have taught Reiki for over 7 years.  I do not have a student in my history that did not experience a cleanse, including myself  in all of those attunements.  If you are not feeling something, either physcially, mentally or emotionally...ask questions. 

Most Reiki Masters have their lineage of where they stand in relation to Takata, the woman who was responsible for bringing Reiki to the states.  Ask to see this lineage, and contact the people above them.  That will give you a pretty good idea if you are paying for Usui Reiki or just giving your money away.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Did you really just do that?

Original thoughts.  Original web design.  Living and working with integrity...concept's some people could utilize in their own life. Hmmm.

Friday, March 6, 2009

When I grow up, I want to be....what?

What if you could choose your life destiny without any restrictions?  What if you could choose to be whatever you liked, do whatever you wanted, and lived in your most perfect spot? 

Have you felt lately as if the things you thought were important to you, are now, not so much.  Things you felt like you wanted to do, as in, long term goals, are now, not so much.  What is happening to us?  

My thought is our core belief system is tweaking.  The real part of each of us is coming to the surface.  Take some time this weekend to just ponder, what would truly make you happy.  Try to really let go of all societal restraints.  Let go of what you think is "proper or expected of you."  So many of us live our entire life driven by our societies demands, and we do this fully believing those demands are our own wishes.  Maybe that is true for you, and maybe it is not.  

This energy is really showing each of us, exactly what in our life is important to our hearts.  So, if you have suddenly abandoned those plans you had been moving towards for years, it is OK.  Let your heart guide you to where you really are wishing to be.  Our thoughts of "grandeur, being the best, top dog, the richest, and most likely to succeed,"  may have been fueled by peer pressure and society, after all.   

Let your heart speak for you.  Inside each of us is the divine voice of God, the part of us that knows exactly what we came here to do.  What we are masters at, and how to find ultimate unbridled joy. 

All you have to do is listen, and let go of what you "should" do.  Choose Joy at all times, you can't go wrong in that situation. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Off ramps and highways....OH MY!

I am very excited to see what March will bring for us.  My feeling is, issues are going to resolve themselves, somewhat.  Don't get all excited, thinking our economy is going to snap back.  It will eventually get better, better than it had been.  Yet, it will take more time.  

If you can imagine our globe is inside of a giant scaffolding system.  Just see in your mind's eye the entire planet there, not just America, Christians, or white folk, the whole lot, everyone.  The scaffolding is where millions, perhaps billions, of angelic beings are working fast and efficiently to build the infrastructure strong enough to sustain this new energy that we as humans, chose to embrace. We chose to own this energy, and so, therefore, a stronger base was needed to allow us to fully use it.  Hence the need for a stronger, different type of infrastructure. 

 Now, imagine, in your mind's eye, you standing in the middle of an intricate scaffolding system, as well.  This personal scaffolding is around your aura and physical body.  Every person on this whole planet, big or small, has a unique restructuring going on within their aura.  This rewiring, restructuring, restoring and updating is aligning us all to be able to harmonize with this newer higher vibration, that we chose to accept and embrace.  Higher, is synonymous with light.  Light, is synonymous with God.  So in basic terms, we all chose to have a higher, purer connection with God.  You might have a different path to connect to him, than the next person.  You might call him a different name, than the next person.  It matters not, there is only one God...and we as a species chose to be closer to him.  

So, as the Angels work tirelessly to get our planet up to speed with this new energy as a whole, our own private set of specialist, Angels are working on our own aura bodies, which includes our physical bodies, to be able to harmonize with the planet's new vibe.  Some old unhealthy relationships, jobs, and/or life situations, in general,  which had no hope of being positive, have been released, not to punish, but to help.  If this has happened to you, then just accept the fact, that your higher self recognized the situation your were in, was not a long term beneficial one for you to continue to stay in.  So, your higher self, "forced your hand."  So you would be repositioned in a better place.  This can be harsh, to say the least.  

Try to imagine these abrupt situations as surgery.  Surgery is sometimes required to remove and repair damaged and unhealthy energy, which is incapable of sustaining health.  Be calm and know that your Angels are working to manifest you a better, healthier, happier life situation or situation's.  This is going to take trust in the Angels and God,  on your part.  Remember..."let go and let God." 

For some of us, it may feel like we are on perpetual hold.  This is because our free will is not as readily available to us, as it has been in the past.  We still have free will and will always have free will.  However, as we are waiting for the energy, as a whole, to be stronger and settled, our wise Angels know, timing is everything and we need patience.  Would you even consider driving on a half built highway ramp?  I hope not.  Do not try to forcibly drive your life into uncharted areas now, until our new spiritual highway is ready, either!

Trust.  Talk to your Angels.  Talk to God.  We all can do it, without going through a middle man!  Chant to yourself... "I choose Joy, happiness, health, luck and love at all times." Do this especially in those times when you feel the most despair, the most lost, the most depressed.  It will immediately redirect those negative energies around you into more positive beneficial one for you.  

We are very lucky people, surrounded by joy, happiness, health, and prosperity at all times!