Thursday, April 30, 2009

Caution is a good thing...but people please get a grip!

This is from Yahoo News this morning. 

"From Egypt's order that all 300,000 pigs in the country be slaughtered to travel bans and putting the kibosh on kissing, the world is taking drastic — and some say debatable — measures to combat swine flu.

Egypt ordered the pig slaughter even though there hasn't been a single case of swine flu there and no evidence that pigs have spread the disease. Britain, with only five cases, is trying to buy 32 million masks."

Absolute fear is the only thing powering these actions.  It's a flu.  It is not a disease that will melt your flesh.  We have very good hospitals.  It is not a totally fatal virus.  You can live through it.  The flu kills people every year without mass slaughtering of animals.  Yeah, it looks like many will get sick with the flu - but that does not mean the end of the world is here. Nor does it mean that all who get it will die.  

Take a breath.  Wash your hands, often.  Calm down.  Armageddon is not here. Be reasonable and rational. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm cutting you off!

There are moments that we all have which cause us to have butterflies in our gut.  Those flutterings of uncertainty, angst, or flat out excitement.  Most of us try to do anything to suppress those moments of awareness, which is exactly what they are.  Intuitive realizations of the possibilities of something good coming to you.

It makes me wonder why we rush to suppress them?  I think it is so rare for us to have really good auspicious moments in our lives,  when they do happen, we simply may not know how to deal with them.  

Of course, fear adds it's own dark energy to the mix, and poof - we have drama.  Spirit just told a client that her beast ( fear ) has been fed well over the years.   Here is a concept for you to think about, how about we all refuse to feed the beast.  Just cut him off.  Refuse to accept any negative emotions to damper the flutterings of beautiful butterflies in your life.  

We can create beauty and prosperity with wonderful possibilities.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

There is no swine here.

What do you think could happen to our world if we expected the best to happen.  The best in everything we perceived in anyway?  We would be stepping out of that all too familiar energy of fear and into the realm of possibility.  

Expecting the best means we are choosing love, joy and positive abundance.  It means we refuse to continue allowing fear based ideals to rule our reality.  So, instead of listening to the news about how bad the swine flue could get, expect it to fizzle out and go away.  Expect our bodies to no longer be hospitable hosts to it, and it will go away. 

We are in the dawn of a time when we manifest so quickly and so rapidly, we can manifest pure joy, pure good.  We can choose light.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's all downhill from here! Maybe.

There was yet another ramping of energy last night.  However, there is a difference in the ones we are currently feeling and the ones we have felt earlier in the year.  That's right peeps, they are feeling better!  Everybody clap and thank God!  

You might be seeing evidence of these lighter energy nudges, by the stuck feeling leaving your life.  If you have been feeling like you really needed to get up and do something, channels will start to open up that will allow you to do so. 

I am fully aware that I am sounding a bit horoscope-ish lately.  I think I made that word up, but just believe me, we are all feeling essentially the same stuff.  I will let you know when these little energy alterations occur.  I think it will help us deal with them better.  It's what I do. 

Good stuff.  Great Stuff.  Life is better every moment! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wacky White House Stuff - revised

I had THE all time craziest dream last night.  I dreamt that I was at the White House touring it for ghosts.  

Do they have ghost tours at the White House?  Any how, I was making the bed of one the guest rooms, and The First Lady was sitting beside me.  She told me she was pregnant.  She was so excited and I couldn't figure out why I was making the bed??

She asked me what I thought she was having and I said girl - but that babies often feel like girls to me.  

My dreams sometimes can be prophetic, but not always.  How fun would it be to have a First newborn again.  Especially for the Obama's!  That would be one special First baby in many ways! 

Once, I dreamt that my sister was having a boy and that she kept taking him out of her womb and playing with him during her pregnancy, in the dreams I would tell her to leave him alone and let him get bigger.   She ended up,  indeed having a baby boy.  And I just confirmed she had at least six if not seven, sonograms.  I joked her baby was the only child to have a cell phone before birth.  

We will see what happens in the White House. 

Note to self...Don't eat Banana Nut Cherrios before going to bed!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dibs on driver side!

My guardian angel just whispered to me that she will be driving the bus today.  

So I guess, I will do a puzzle and listen in? 

This could be very interesting! 

And we're pausing...

Today is a pause. 
 After the rush in energy this weekend, you might be feeling a bit hungover.  Just a bit tired.  
Relax and let your workday unfold. 
All the great ideas that came to you over the weekend are still valid and still as great as yesterday.  
Let them brew.  

Have a monday.
While you  chant- 

 'We are lucky people, choosing joy and positive abundance in all ways! 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

That moment!

We can talk about when things get better, and wish for "that moment" to hurry up and happen.  Then when "that moment" actually arrives, we realize, there was no way to fully comprehend how great "that moment" was going to be, until it really did happen.  Why?  

Because we weren't there yet.  

Shall - we stop anticipating how moments will be, just expect the best and then let life happen.  

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rain drops on our soul!

It's raining in Dallas today!  Which will amplify all energy we are feeling.  Water conducts energy very well, and with the already pumped vibes we had going, it will definitely not be a boring day.  

Spirit tells me this rush should continue at least through the early part of Sunday.  That translates to being able to get oodles accomplished, that is, inside at least!  If you are not in a place that is raining, no worries.  You will feel it too, just a bit watered down!  ; )

You might find your self feeling very creative, go with it. 

If something is irritating you.  Remember, all things are amplified.  Pour yourself something soothing. Just breathe and relax.  

If something makes you happy, it's gonna make you really happy!  

You never know what this weekend and April showers will bring, so grab your boots and get to it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Did you have an overwhelming feeling to face north today?

Types of People

As this new energy reveals it's self, there are clear lines being formed, which are marking the types of people each one of us are choosing to be.  Have you noticed these changes?  Are you defiant and resistant to the change? Finding yourself kind of in the middle?  OR, are you open and excited about the incoming energy?  

Remember that song line, "Stand in the place where you are?" That is exactly what we are all doing!  Taking stands.  There is no right or just is.  Our world rules are changing, we are closer now than ever, to remembering who we truly are as souls, not humans.  What would life be like, if we had no limitations to our awareness?  Pretty exciting!  

My new speaking series," The State of Our Soul"  begins Friday the 24th in Dallas, at the Cathedral of Light.  It will be all about the great re-veiling of our reality here on planet earth and about the four sides to our planet.  Four sides?  What does that mean?  Planets are round!  Yes, but the humans that inhabit the planet have dimension, and we will be talking about those dimensions and how they affect us all.  

To find out how this is and will affect you, come see me at the Cathedral.  If you are out of town, don't fret.  I'm working with Spirit to put this information into book form, and I will be coming to a city close to you soon. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All Hail the Popa!

I originally wrote a post about my Pope Rose in March...As you can see, my beloved rose is alive and doing very well!  

We are all, well on our own way, to thriving above and beyond our expectations too!

See...We can take a pruning and blossom!

Original post.....

I have a rose bush in my garden, named and propagated for Pope John Paul II.  I call it the Popa Rosa.  It is one of my most prized possession's.  It's bloom is bold, creamy, white and smells divine.  It makes me happy to see it proudly displayed in my humble, little garden.  

Last year, despite my fussing and spraying, the Popa was plagued by one problem after another.  Although by fall's end, it stood a towering six feet tall, black spot had ravaged it of it's leaves, and to say the least the Popa was not looking so rosy. 

So, reluctantly in late January, I cut him back.  As I was trimming off the diseased branches, it did occur to me that perhaps, I might be cutting back just a bit too aggressively.  But no matter...I had to take some drastic measures.  The Popa was not going to be well again this year, without intervention.  

You know in horticulture, cutting back an ailing plant will cause renewed growth and vigor.  So, I cut back the Popa and waited.  Today, just weeks after it's shearing, it is growing back with gusto!  Even the thickest, woodiest branch, although reluctant, finally put off new shoots, and I am happy to say, soon I will be smelling it's divine bloom again.  

On the other side of the fence, are three rose "trees" that are equally growing like crazy.  First glance would make you think that they are healthy, happy and strong.  Yet, I noticed aphids and white flies on them yesterday.  They too, just like the Popa are needing some TLC and some pruning, so they too, can thrive through the summer.  If I leave them, the beasts that are using them as a food source, will destroy their blooms and leave them ailing.  

Life is mirrored in the garden.  Just like our plants, our life can sometimes look so grand to the casual observer.  Unless skilled to see the subtle signs of disease, no one may notice that your life is growing out of control, yet diseased and unhappy. 

At first glance,  the sudden shoot of a of a rose bush, may appear impressive.  Grand lifestyles can be just the same, outwardly impressive, but in need of pruning, to bring the whole into balance. 

It makes me wonder this symbolism of the garden.  Did God see our garden we have all grown here and in his wisdom, knew we were all in need of pruning, some needing more pruning than others.  Just like the woody, oldest branches of a rose, people, no matter how set in their woody old ways, are always capable of new growth.  

Just like that beautiful rose bush that was trimmed back to just ugly sticks a month ago, it now is covered in vibrant growth, and ready to take on an new year of blooming.  So shall we all!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I can't get this link to copy you will have to work for this blog - but do it! 

Stop everything you are doing and go to and search for Susan Boyle... 

Grab some kleenex because this amazing woman lived it, and then she sang it...Good LORD did she sing it!    AMAZING INSPIRATION!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Have we all been bamboozeled!

Today, Good Friday,  marks the beginning of THE most celebrated mediumistic event in history.  That event was Jesus returning after his physical death to reassure those who loved him  that he did in fact, continue on. 

Im thinking, if it was good enough for Jesus to do, good enough for us to stop working for a friday every year, good enough for many of us to go to church for the first and possibly one service of the year, good enough for us to don hats, gloves and frilly dresses, then perhaps,  connecting to the other side is not quite so evil, after all. 


Good Friday - indeedee!
Happy Easter Ya'll


Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Ladies Number One Detective Agency...

"Don't worry about me...I am made of strong stuff."  

Mma Ramotswe 
The Ladies Number One Detective Agency

Now, doesn't that make you just sit up a bit taller in your chair?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Did I just say that - outloud?

These days are you finding it harder and harder to hold your tongue.  When the people around you start spewing craziness, hatred, negativity, fear, "yada yada snore," do you really just have to bite the words back?  

OR, like yours truly, are you just needing to speak truth.  Your truth, maybe not theirs but, yours.  Anyone who knows me, knows that "Candid" Carla is every one's truth, whether liked or not.  Candor is your friend, really.  Candor is your friend because, once you know an other's position, then you can truly be yourself.

I have always found truth, spoken in kindness can be dealt with by just about anyone.  I am not really sure why I am writing this blog tonight.  Someone must need to hear it.  If that someone is you, just take a deep breath, and as politely as possible, with as few words as possible...just say it. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get over it - we are all just renters!

I was inspired to write this blog as I watched an HBO special tonight about the fight between Israel and Palestine, which ultimately led to one teenager Palestinian girl blowing up herself and another girl in a grocery store in Israel.  

It was a documentary about how both sides - the families of these girls - felt pain, from this horrible event. 

It struck me so hard, because those girls died for nothing.  The land that their countries are defending from each other, blowing each other up over, attacking each other over...does not belong to anyone.  It was there ages before they were ever even conceived as a thought.  That land, just as the same land that I live on, you live on, anyone lives on - does not belong to anyone. 

I realized this one day as I was driving over the Trail Ridge Road in Estes Park Co.  As I drove over that famous road, and looked out at the highest point over the top of the Rocky Mountains, more than 13,000 feet up, it became perfectly clear that I, just like every other generation before me would enjoy that land for a finite amount of time.  Then, I, not the land, would continue on my journey off of the land, happily leaving it behind for other generations to enjoy.  

Unfortunately, for those two girls, they left the land for their families to fight over.  Will this change anything?  Probably not.  For their fight has been roaring on and on for so long.  So, it makes me ponder.  Who is the fool here?  One side over the other?  Or humans as a whole, for trying to own something that was always bigger than they could hold.  Grander, than they could ever comprehend, and a work of God's art that was never meant to be "owned."  

For as smart as we humans believe we are, we really act ignorant sometimes.  I hope those girl's families can ever find peace.