Monday, November 9, 2009

What do you know?

Being intuitive does not mean one is all knowing.

But, if you listen and pay attention, somedays you know just enough!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


If you are a real psychic, why don't you fix the worlds problems?

Psychic does not mean "fixer of all wrongs." We all have free will, this allows us to determine our individual paths. There is also a collective free will, not forgetting, God's Plan. These factors determine the greater free will of a group, race, nation, religion, and planet. One individuals free will, or even one whole groups collective free will, would not be enough energy to shift the collective free will of a planet, or God's Plan.

Because we come here to Earth to learn emotional experiences through first hand physical experience, ridding the planet of challenges would be a counter-productive action. Humans learn the most when times are hard, lean and not fun. We have to know the bitter, to understand and appreciate the sweet.

Now, that being said, if an entire country decided to stop warring altogether, at once. Then, and only then would you be able to effectively redirect the concept of war. Even then, you would still have the rest of the planets nations that may or may not be going against your decision, so the ideal of ridding the planet Earth of war, is a distant hope.

To successfully change one nations collective idea of accepting war, we would have to first stop warring each other in our families, in our neighborhoods. We would have to stop warring between our churchs, schools, and HOA"s, just to name a few places we commonly wage war. All that change would have to super cede a major global change in the acceptance of warring over land or societal rights.

So you see, expecting one soul on the planet to be responsible for that magnitude of change is not reasonable or rational. Besides that, have you ever been to an HOA meeting!

Friday, November 6, 2009


If people could just use their abilities to help themselves, instead of destroy others, imagine what they could actually enjoy in their own lives.
Let me rephrase that - if people CHOSE to use their abilities to help themselves...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sweet Song Birds

I decided to put up a bird feeder the other day. I have cats, so feeding the birds at my house is tricky business. I was able to find an appropriately positioned limb outside of my bedroom window, where the birds could eat safely. They do tend to taunt the cats, but I figure the cats probably are reaping karma of some kind.

I don't really know why suddenly I decided to feed them. The thought just flew into my head. Yesterday I was writing at my computer and heard the prettiest song coming from outside. I thought I heard birds before, but this was just the prettiest sound. I think whoever was singing was happy. Knowing that, makes me happy. Isn't life a great thing.

The next time a thought comes to you out of the blue, act on it. You never know what kind of melody it will bring into your life!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Something to ponder

If your vision of true happiness relies on another person witnessing that happiness, is it in fact, real happiness after all?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

God is a Woman

Only a Mother has the raw ruthless ability to watch her children suffer when she knows it is the learning lesson they need.

Dad's cave and buy ponies.

This is GREAT!

I read this story on Yahoo News this morning....the Headline reads:

"Giant Crack in Africa Will Create New Ocean"

All I can say to that is, WOW!

Everyone knows life follows water, and it has been told from Spirit that Africa is healing itself! I am not a expert in the subject, but it is pretty safe to assume the best way to heal a country is create a new body of life giving water in it...Especially to a country who desperately needs water, such as Africa.

You have to read the whole story - which talks about the same phenomenon actually "parting the Red Sea."

If these are not changing, historical times, I'm not sure what would be. God may not look the same to me, as he/she/"the One" looks to you, but I think if an ocean appears in Africa, it's gonna be pretty hard to deny someone or something finally has Africa's back.


Friday, October 23, 2009

It's your thing

Any "thing" in life 
can be too much of a good thing, 
if that "thing" 
is the only "thing" 
you've got going. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Go ahead, avert your eyes.

Yesterday while waiting at the vet's, I witnessed a truly embarrassing moment.  A seemingly pleasant enough man came into the office and asked to buy a box of heart worm medicine.  However, as the assistant was ringing him up and logging the meds into his dog's file, things turned ugly. 

Apparently from what I and everyone else could hear, he was angry that the vet's office would not transfer his dog's prescription to another vet.  Actually, what he was angry about was that they would not write it down for him to fill at an online store.  She explained they could not due to the animal rights laws and that the prescriptions he was wanting to buy, may not be legally up to date.   She tried to give him a reason behind the policy.

The assistant calmly (kudos to her) attempted to answer his unending questions of why they could not legally do what he asked.  Each answer only lead to more and louder questions. 

By the time we were, thankfully, taken to our room, the then crazed man was ranting on and on about being "extorted" by the vet's office.  Extortion?  There are times when the law is the law. No amount of berating an office worker is going to cause the law to miraculously change. 

So, today, I read in the paper how threats against our President have gone up four hundred percent.  Most coming from bigots who really just hate the fact that he is not white.  If that is the case, there is no amount of good that he can do that will change their incorrect thinking.  Just like that crazed man yesterday.  There was no answer for him.  He was yelling to be a jerk.  Did he really think that hourly paid employee could change anything for him?  NO.

Is hating a person based solely on their origin and skin color, sexual preference, yada yada, going to change anything for you? NO.

Is pretending you dislike that person really about something else other than their race, preference, yada yada, going to dress up the fact that you are simply consumed by hate.  NO. 

My little dog and I averted our eyes and tried to blend with the wall during the vet office rant.  I am now averting my eyes and feeling pretty freaking embarrassed by my fellow Americans.  

Four hundred percent?  
Is needlessly hating each other making anything in our life better?  NO.  

Let. It. Go.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What do you see?

An acquaintance came by my house today with his little girl.  She looked to be about first grade age. I was outside doing some chores when they drove up.  When his little girl got out of the car, she started waving her hands in front of her and asked me..."How did you get so lucky?"  

I paused in my chore, and asked her, "Lucky with what?"  

Still waving her arms about her like she was conjuring a storm, she said, "All that, back there!" 

I followed her gestures, and realized she was talking about my backyard.   Some people call me witty.  Some people call me cheeky.  It really depends on the moment.  I chuckled and replied,

"Well, I work!  Sometimes - I even work hard.  Most of all "that" came from hard work.  Sweat.  Frustration and a few broken dreams."  

She didn't really hear the broken dreams part, because her dad was already ushering her into the house, and rolling his eyes. 

I admit, I laid it on a bit thick.  A heavy handed tongue is sometimes my forte - depending on the moment.  As she went inside with her dad, to conduct whatever business they came over to attend to, I looked at my backyard with a fresh set of eyes.  

Instead of a fence in need of repair, I saw beyond into my "ranchetta" sized yard, where a little girl might want to play in the open space.  I imagined she would like to set up house in our studio, instead of thinking about how it needed repainting.  A thought, which then reminded me, I forgot to order a new pool cleaner.  I was still cringing at the thought of having to manually  scoop  dead worms out of the bottom of the pool, when she and her dad returned outside. 

Upon seeing me, she blew out a breath and exclaimed..."You even have a POOL!" 

Leaving my cheekiness to myself, I began putting my tools away, and just smiled as I said, "Yes, honey, we do." 

See, we never know how other people view our life.  Maybe our own view is so obscured, perhaps the first thing that needs to be cleared away is our attitude about our own world.  One day I will get to the painting, repairing and worm removal.  Today I will just be happy those chores are there waiting for me.  They are mine after all.  I am grateful.  As for the worms, I might just have to leave them.  Maybe.  


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good Times

Each person has a good time month in their life, that is special and specific just to them.  My month sits smack dab in the middle of October and November.  I didn't say it had to be a proper, calendar month.  

Looking back over my life, most momentous, life altering occurrences typically fall into my world somewhere between mid October to mid November.  Unfortunately, life is life, and life altering includes sad things. 

For me, I have had quite a few thumbs up moments, becoming a mother, learning I was a medium, return of lost acquaintances, and many more special memories.  The big ones all seem to have happened during "my month."

To balance out the sweet, and the sweet will always be balanced, are those just as painful moments, too.  My brother crossed twenty six years ago in "my month."  I think that was a crappy moment that balanced out all the good I had experienced in one quick breath. 

I sit in my office today looking out at the rain.  I see those millions of raindrops coating my sacred space in a nice blanket of energy conducting water.  Water being an excellent conduit, is a first class ticket to my deepest wishes.  I see those raindrops bringing me happiness, health and positive abundance in every way!

 This is a powerful time for me, and the best thing to do when "your month" arrives, is to expect the best.  I always say, ask for the universe, at the very least you will get the moon and stars, and that can only be a good thing. 

We fell into a honey hole with the weeks of rainy weather we have been getting in the south.  Use the gift we have falling in buckets all around us today - make your wishes count.  See in your minds eye, each raindrop bringing you closer to your own happiness.  The choice is always up to you.  Dwell on the pain of life and you will get more pain.  Believe yourself defeated and you will not win.  

Scrape away the grime, and look beyond the obvious, to see that tiny silver lining and in doing so, you will get more silver.  

Don't ask the rain to go away.  Pray for more.  Let your buckets run over with good times.  

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lessons from the eighties crowd.

Yesterday while at a salon, I was able to enjoy a rare treat.  There was the most interesting woman sitting next to me, talking about her long life of eighty years.  She has been a working nurse up to the age of about seventy eight and needless to say, she had incredible stories.  

Her first job was at the age of twelve.  Apparently she was tall for her age and was able to get room and board from the hospital she worked at by saying she was seventeen.  She lived at the hospital and began her career in health care washing baby bottles for eight dollars a week! 

I was unclear why she needed a job, and a place to live at twelve, but that is not the point of my story, or hers.  Many times, she said, " Well, that is what we all did!"  "All" meaning, everyone she knew.  "All" worked all day, everyday.  They all started their living for pennies and were glad to have them.  They took care of each other and extending a caring, helping hand was expected, not impressive.  

This morning I read a story in the news about a stay at home mom who had agreed to allow a few of her friends kids to hang at her house an hour before school, so their parents could go ahead off to work.  So what.  How many times did you do that when you were little?  You went to your friends house because mom was not home.  Sometimes, your friend came to your house because their mom was not home.  So what.  That is life.  

Well, apparently all these obnoxious kids hanging around irked the stay at home mom's neighbor and she complained to the state.  Shortly there after the nice stay at home mom gets a nasty gram from the state threatening her to immediately shut down her day care.  

First of all, when did she start running a day care.  When in this world did watching your friends kids require a permit or license.  Remember the old days that interesting nurse was talking about when everyone expected courtesy and a helping hand?  Apparently, in 2009 we have evolved so much and are so better for it, we now fine people for giving helping hands.  

Let's all say a rousing "Good God Ah-mighty" together, shall we?  Then let's just get over ourselves and realize we need to help each other.  We all need to have common sense and common courtesy again.  

Monday, September 21, 2009

Phooey Pumpkins

I have four pots on my back patio bought especially for this amazing pumpkin project I decided to build this year for fall.  My project was going to be a canopy of tiny Baby Boo pumpkins growing out of those four pots at the four corners of my space.  

The vines would grow and stretch up posts and across my lattice to completely cover my patio in a bewitching mixture of green and orange.  I was going to throw in some little twinkle lights and shazam- a pumpkin arbor!  Well, little did I know, God had other plans for me and my pots.  I ended up getting ill with a stomach issue, which left me unable to tend to my pumpkin pots.  Although they were watered sufficiently, all but one or two of the vines suffered some ailment or another....

Needless to say, my pumpkin arbor will have to wait for next year.  Perhaps I will start earlier with my seeds.  Use more compost. Soak the seeds in germinator mix before setting them in soil.  Or, maybe I will just throw my leftover seeds out into the yard by the compost bin and see what God can come up with.  My idea didn't work at all!

I will however, leave my kinda sad looking pots out on the patio until winter finally arrives.  Why?  Because the struggling vines remind me that no matter what ideas we come up with, God always has other plans for us...They also remind me that life is not always pretty.   We are blessed with flowers - they make us strive to work harder for that reward.  On the flip side, life is full of weeds, pests, and foiled ideas or goals.  

For me, there is always another day.  Always, another spring.  Always another packet of seeds full of ideas.  

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not to worry

I have been out of pocket for a few weeks getting some necessary "body" work done on, body.  

In a week or two more I will be better than ever and blogging away - until then just roll it with - breathe...fall is coming and the cool air will help us all feel refreshed!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I find Twitter to be like a room full of people all talking about themselves at one time..And listening to no one....The sound is deafening.

It is a snapshot of reality.  Are we always about ourselves?

And another thing....

While I am on the subject of positive abundance, joy etc...It would be naive to believe that all of our experiences here on the planet are going to go that way.  

Losing a loved one is painful, but Joy can be found in their healing and knowing their suffering ended.  Joy can be found in remembering the moments you shared with them...That will forever and always be with you in your heart to call up at anytime you choose.  I know that pales to losing your best friend, brother, mother..You can find joy in it.  

Not all experiences here are going to appear good to you in anyway, yet, somehow change seems to move us in a good direction, even when we think all is lost.  

By asking for Joy, positive abundance and luck, you will call to you the best of every experience you have in front of you...  That means, per chance you might lose your job.  But unlike another, you are lucky, so you have one waiting on you to step into within days!  

The song was correct.  We were not promised a rose garden.  But God did say he would listen to our prayers, and if you are praying with intention, and open ended enough, he will help you through those tough times with maybe only a little scratch, instead of a total destruction!

I choose Joy, Positive Abundance, and WE are very lucky people!

Shifty Sleep

I had forgotten how difficult sleep was to grasp and hold onto during the last big shift in the Fall of 2008.  Since this new momentum began last week, cutting zzz's has not been so easy.  

I feel excited all over again, like it's Christmas Eve and I can't wait to see what the morning will bring.   Although, most Christmas' my world - I have a pretty good idea, and I am not the easiest person to spring a surprise gift on.  It's a little down side or upside to being psychic, which ever way you see it.  

A client asked me yesterday to be more specific about why I constantly hound you guys to chant positive affirmations.  I thought I had been clear about how useful affirmations can be, but hey, per chance, not.  The timing is  appropriate, because spirit had just elaborated on one of the ones, they had been hounding to me...Hence, my hounding to you.   See the cycle?  

When we say to ourselves, in our head or out loud, "I choose Joy, Positive Abundance, and We are very Lucky People."  A multitude of things suddenly begin to happen.... 

By starting your thought with "I" you immediately link up to the part of you, that part of you that is in closest connection with God, your trusty Guardian Angel and she/he is called to action by the word "I".  Think of using the word "I", as putting your car key in the ignition and turning it on.  

By using specific, yet broad wording, such as JOY, POSITIVE ABUNDANCE, AND WE ARE VERY LUCKY PEOPLE you are very effectively letting go and letting God...Letting him do his thing! 

Let us break it down....Consciously asking for Joy literally means you are telling the universe and all of the powers at hand, aka God, that you intend for only experiences that cause you Joy to come to you.  If you are feeling Joyous, things can't be bad, right?  And because you are sending out each and every thought with the word "I"at the beginning, you are basically stating that all things following "I" are the only types of energy you allow to experience.  Here's hoping they are thoughts of Joy, cause they are coming one way or another. 

This might look like in the real world that you suddenly are not really in harmony with that person who is always sucking your energy dry with her/his life drama.  Why?  Because you demanded JOY and they are not capable of bringing that to you...What to do?  Recognize what is happening, and become unavailable to that person.  

Asking for JOY in your home, might manifest by way of the kids  slowly but surely getting along better...JOY makes life calmer...It makes things flow better.  JOY is a good thing!

POSITIVE ABUNDANCE is pretty explanatory.  Asking for this is again, a blanket statement, just as JOY.  When we ask for Positive Abundance it makes our Guardian Angel/God extremely happy....Because we rarely do it.  We ask Him for all kinds of stuff that we think we need and have no clue of the kind of crazy chaos we actually are asking to come into our lives.   Of course, we are blindly asking for this when we are forcefully, precisely, attempting to micro-manifest those things we THINK we need in our lives...

Then - we wonder, what the hell?The wheels start to fall off our bus, we run out of gas, the whole place comes crashing down and we drop our jaws and have the audacity to wonder - Where is God?  Why didn't he answer my prayer...He did - Rambo. Enjoy. 

Let. God. Deal. With. The Details. 

Positive Abundance covers everything and it is very efficient...It touches every topic, health, wealth, love, relationships, family, career...etc.  Yet, it is open ended enough not to put what WE think we need into it.  Asking for Positive Abundance is letting go and letting God, because he is POSITIVE it often!  He knows how to bring us the best possible solution for that dilemma we have been struggling with and He can bring it to us for the best price, best location, best of everything!   Did I mention, do this often?  

I AM/WE ARE VERY LUCKY PEOPLE is your friend in these wild, wacky, changeable times.  If you are the head of the family ( a parent ) use "we".  If you are single, use "I".  OR, you can say it both ways.  Consciously asking for God to bring luck to you is just as good as asking for Positive Abundance. 

Asking for Positive Abundace is a warm happy request that will, make you start attracting all kinds of luck to you.  Imagine.  You might not win the lottery in the morning, but you then again...You might.  This statement is again well stated, and perfectly open ended to allow God to do His/Her work in your life.  Let your "people"  on the other side be your life line.  All those "people" are the Angelic energies (God) who you entrusted your journey to upon your departure from the Heavenly hallows into this Earth world, ...Ask them to bring you good stuff and they will.  They will bring it to you in a way that you will actually be able to enjoy it.  

Asking for Luck to come to you will also keep everyone else's negative stuff away from you.  We as a planet are all kind of going through the same thing.  Lots of people are spinning off their negative castaway energy, as their Angels work with them.  As you think and say  your prayers/chants each day (and I would do them repetitively)  see your aura filling up with light energy.   This will help you to not unknowingly send random waves of "yuck" to your neighbors.

Spirit has been telling me to tell you about the water connection.  Asking for anything in prayer/chanting is a form of energy work...Gods energy.  Water conducts energy extremely well, so praying/chanting/meditating all while touching water is an excellent idea.  

I do not recommend meditating while swimming due to the chance of drowning.  If you choose to do your affirmations in a pool - wear a floating device firmly attached to you so you don't go off into a meditative state and drink more water than you planned.  Common sense is necessary here...If in doubt, call your fire department and ask them about safety points to remember while meditating in the pool.  They are going to tell you not to do it...I agree - just sit in your living room in your easy chair with your feet in a bowl of water - much safer and the same difference.  

I personally like the shower for meditative work (again, using common sense and caution), or doing dishes, laundry, or watering the yard...lots of times in our days right now, when we are touching water.  You don't have to immerse your body completely in water to reap the benefits of touching the water.  On that note, If you have ever almost drowned while doing dishes, laundry or watering your yard, you need to be chanting " I am a Lucky person a whole lot more than you have been, move to a very dry climate and forget the whole idea of water and meditation.

The other thing that happens when we engage our mind in sending out positive requests all day is that we very effectively stop a negative habit we all do - in it's tracks.  That negative habit is talking to people in our head about how they have wronged us, hurt us, or how stupid we think they are.  Yada Yada.  Sound familiar?  Yes, it does.  Don't lie.  Those conversations are the worst thing we could possible waste our manifesting energy on...For one, non of those conversations have a hope of ever being said....The moment is gone, over.  

All you are doing by endlessly blabbering on in your mind about it is sending oodles and oodles of negative abundance out in to the "blue yonder" on your behalf...that's right.  You may well spend HOURS of your day asking for truckloads of negative junk of all kinds and shape to come to you.  Then, you will wonder why you are having such a bad day???

So, what to do.  Stop.  

If you repetitively chant/pray... I choose Joy, positive abundance, and we are very lucky people - ALL DAY LONG ....Then you can't be bitching at people in your head - now can you?   

People...put your key in your ignition, and let the chanting begin!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Now, here is a thought.

I am not aware of any person who has been able to successfully heal themselves solely through physical actions...Spiritual intervention of some kind must occur for true healing to be had.  Even in physical death, a spiritual action occurs to release the soul from a diseased body.  

Friday, July 17, 2009

Here we go - wings in and hold on!

Have you ever taken a ride on a roller coaster and felt the pull of the chain mechanism as you slowly start to ascend up to the highest point?  You can feel the track engage to pull you up to the drop off point, and with that sensation, a mixture of both excitement, thrill and dread all kind of swirl together - which of course, adds to the moment!  

Well pull your wings in kiddies, and hold on, cause we are in the click, clackety phase of our own roller coaster ride...within the last 24 hours the August shift kicked into gear and we are slowly being pulled into the most perfect spot for our next phase of the spiritual ride.   

Are you chanting you are a very lucky person, choosing Joy and positive abundance at all times?  

It's a very good checking your shoulder harness just one. more. time!  

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Will the "Real" Carla Mae please stand up!

It has recently come to my attention that there is a chance one or more sites listed on the internet are offering readings with Carla Mae, sites that have no connection to me, the real Carla Mae.  

I will be open minded and agree, I am not the only Carla Mae walking the planet.  However, if you had a reading or know of someone who had a reading by a person claiming to be me, Carla Mae, Psychic Medium, from Texas and these following things occurred...please notify me immediately at 817-379-2211 or by email at 

You or your friend were charged by the minute, and/or through your phone bill. 

Your or your friend were asked to or someone attempted to make you a member for a discount to have a cheaper reading with Carla Mae. 

You were offered any other service other than a reading to be conducted either in person or over the phone, by a person saying they were Carla Mae.  Not including Reiki - which always is performed in person.  

You were charged more than you expected to reasonably pay, according to my fee, which is 90.00 for a half hour, 180.00 for an hour, and half price for each extra person in the reading.  

And here is the one that chap's my knickers the most, if all of the above hadn't already...

You or your friend were told that you had to pay more money, or buy more services or time, to find out " more " about your session or that you were going to suffer some hardship if you did not agree to the above ludicrous terms.  And were told basically a doom or gloom type of reading...I do not give out that type of information, it is negative, and helps no one. I just don't do it. 

My whole career I have stood up for clients who have been lied to, cheated, and basically terrorized by criminals masquerading as "psychic's".  Real intuitive people who have good intentions would never ask you to do any of the above mentioned actions. 

I do not know of a credible psychic - and I know quite a few of them - who charge through a phone line, by the minute.  

Mediumship or psychic type of services are not for everyone.  Then again, neither is skydiving, eating pork, or joining the Catholic church...

There are many, and I mean many sites on the internet who use my name in the search key words to attempt to filter clients to their site to have a reading with me.  To date, most of these sites, have only used my name as key if someone took it a step further, I need to know.  


Friday, July 3, 2009

PSL: Practical Spiritual Living Tip

Here is a scenario...It's evening and you are just chilling. Maybe you are reading a book, doing some chores, or just getting yourself ready for bed. Out of no where and for no rational reason, you are suddenly feeling uneasy. You might be feeling so uneasy, that you are actually afraid. You just have that creepy feeling that something is just not right. Maybe it's your imagination, maybe it's a sound you heard outside that caught your attention...Whatever it was that caught your radar, you are anxious.

A great way to deal with this situation, is to immediately invoke Jesus. That is right, Jesus. No matter what religion you believe in or are practicing, invoking Jesus will immediately clear your space. Just ask him to stand in your room with you, or you can ask him to "clear your house." You can also ask the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel to stand in the four corners of your house and banish all negative energies out and away from your sacred spaces.

Your sacred spaces include all those both physical and etheric, so it is a blanket statement. Once you have done at least one of the above, be vigilant and check your doors, making sure a living person is not the reason you were creeped out.

Setting up psychic protection is a real and necessary practice. It literally will help you set boundaries around your aura, your home and your children's aura's (as long as they are not in or older than their puberty years.) Remember, all parent's are their children's aura's guardians until the time when they are capable of setting their own sacred space - which is puberty.

You might choose to borrow a very effective means of protecting your sacred spaces from a group of Kahuna warriors, I was lucky enough to meet them on a trip to Maui. It's a long story but the gist of it is...I visited a beach with an adjacent Kahuna burial ground. Ever "Curious Carla," I foolishly decided to have a little walk through of their sacred plot...It would be full disclosure at this point to tell you that the warriors surrounding the sacred burial ground did, in fact, warn me not to have that little walk through - ahead of time. They did this of course psychically, although I could plainly see them with both my psychic vision and my physical vision.

Note to self: When a Kahuna warrior tells you NOT to do something...listen. I did not of course, and approximately 5 to 10 minutes into my little walk through, every thing I had eaten days before, simply turned to liquid. The rest of this little learning lesson was not pretty and I am certain you get the point. I did. Psychic protection resides in your solar plexus which is really close to your stomach, and intestines. Those organs are very sensitive to changes in your solar plexus.

You can employ that same, effective - yet, non hostile type of defense...Should anyone cross into your sacred spaces, that you have not given permission to do so, or truly means you or your family harm. You can ask your Angelic protectors to activate their solar plexus. Good luck to them. It is safe to say, one is not exactly capable of anything else when they are in the midst of gastrointestinal chaos. You only have to do it once, ask the Angels to cover your property and auras from corner to corner and they will be ever vigilant, until you tell them otherwise,

Note: Unless they truly mean you harm, this does not work on ex-husbands, people you are angry at and the Angels will not cause harm to anyone. Remember - it is protection and not can't use it to get back at people. Try that and I bet you will be the one with GI chaos...the Angels will have nothing to do with negative mudslinging.

Really useful PSL tip's for home security!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

August, August, August

I am sure I have mentioned to almost every person I have talked to about the highly charged month of August this year. It seems to pop up in just about every reading I do and is looming ahead of us pretty quick.

So what is so fascinating about the month of August. It is hotter than hell, especially if you are fortunate enough to live in that ever present dark red blob on the weather man's map.

By August, every speck of fun summertime plastic is whisked off the stores shelves and crammed with spirals, #2 pencils and rulers in preparation for the first day of school in the "month o heat."

I personally start making offerings to the Fall Gods by turning my AC down to the lowest setting, and cooking up boiling pots of chili, chicken and noodles, and anything and everything pumpkin flavored. I do this in hopes the Gods will smile down on us, pleased with my scrumptious bounty and allow just one tiny little cold front to blast its Canadian way into our lives once again.

This August is shaping up to be all the above and more. If you aren't already chanting "we are very lucky people" like a bingo player waiting for her last, and winning, number to be called, then I HIGHLY recommend you start. We have a wonderful opportunity presented to us this August...It is already here - actually.

This golden opportunity is the small window of possibility. ANY possibility. You choose. What will it be for you this August? A new life? New career? Financial freedom? Health? Once and for all leaving depression behind you in a cloud of dust? Aim high people, this would be the time to go for it like you have never gone for it ever before. Assume you have absolute momentum behind you, because you do.

You have a few weeks to get it straight in your head...Really get it straight and clear...what would make you so happy, so content, so at peace, that you would be living a happy, joyous, abundant life?

Don't expect grilling at my pool this year. I'm thinking big bowls of chili and cheese noodles, stick to your ribs cornbread and pumpkin cake all sprinkled with "We are very lucky people" is just what the doc ordered for my fourth of July!

It's good mojo to make the Fall Gods smile down on us!

Go on, take a deep breath and just go for it!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Getting to the heart of it all...

I have heard of at least five, if not more, people that I or some one close to me personally knows who just suddenly crossed with a random heart attack. The most recent and not so personal victim is the ubber famous MJ. Why are seemingly healthy 30 - 50 year olds crossing with such massive and sudden heart attacks.

I am not certain if there is just one answer to that question. I will say that this energy shift is proving to be quite difficult for some, and it might be affecting some of us in the very core of who we are...our hearts.

I do definitely believe it does demonstrate to us, especially those of us in those age ranges, that you just never know when you are going home. On that note, hug your people. Tell them how important they are. Be kind to that person behind the counter. Make the last word you say be of love and tolerance. We just never know what the last word we say may be.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good things, great things, Joy and Abundance!

I am getting lots of phone calls from people telling me their lives are snowballing into the chaos. It seems this has really taken a strong turn in the last few weeks. You might be thinking to yourself that everything around you is falling apart. In reality, what is happening is that concept I always chirp on about, manifesting with our thoughts...that one, well it is really proving to each one of us exactly which way our thoughts flow.

If you are seeing that your life is falling apart, bit by bit.

Immediately start chanting "I am a very lucky person!"

Quite literally, your negative thoughts are forming around you - which makes your life begin to fall to pieces. The problem with negative thoughts is that you never know how they are actually going to form here in the physical realm. You might think, "Nothing ever goes my way..." And, then you have a car accident, or lose a promotion to your co-worker. The universe/God hears things literally. They can only send you what you ask for. In this case, they will send you all things that do not go your way.

Sarcasm does not translate to the other side. Wipe that from your character, if you truly desire joy and positive abundance to come your way. The law of attraction is actually in the Bible several times. The Secret was simply a trendy way of repeating what God told us in the beginning.

Which is: Matthew 13:12

For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.

On the flip side of that, your life may well be going better for you now than ever before...this is because you are keeping your thoughts in check and/or chanting like there is no tomorrow. If you do realize you are thinking negative stuff or worrying, just stop yourself and begin your good stuff immediately. Its all about balance and making sure you put more positive thoughts out there into the cosmos than negative. You win, if you do!

My best advice is to keep chanting "I am a very lucky person, and I choose Joy and positive abundance." Therefore - you shall have Joy, and be very lucky. Everything else in your life, will fall neatly and nicely into place.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy blue morning!

When I was a kid on the way to school, I would cut down the alley.  The woman who lived behind us grew morning glories on her fence.  I used to love to see those big blue flowers on her fence.  There is an unconscious sense of correctness when nature is healthy and doing its thing.  

I think flowers are the way plants smile.  The happier they are - the more flowers we see.  
Are you wearing a smile today?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

PSL: Practical Spiritual Living Tip of the Week

Meditating in the shower is an excellent way to amplify your connection to the other side. As water is excellent at conducting energy, it will help you connect into a state of zen - faster and stronger, giving you a shorter than normal, but powerful meditation.  

Im sure you will want to just take this from me...mind those curtains before you do this type of meditation.

It does tend to detract from your zen like state when you realize that fresh from the shower, still talking to your guides, you have travelled into your bedroom and are putting deodorant on in front of a completely open window...

Hello...Neighbor.  Awkward.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here is a thought..

Some of the best messages from the other side are the ones we needed to hear.  
Not the ones we wanted to hear.
Expect nothing, so you CAN hear what is being said.  

Wacky wonderful week stuff.

This is such a fascinating time to be alive.  This week I have met the most interesting people.  I have heard the most interesting stories about those people - and the week isn't even over yet!  Amazing things are going to happen tomorrow.  
It's not going to just be a "pay your phone bill day!"  
Can't wait!


August has been coming up in sessions quite a bit since the first of the year.  Spirit keeps telling me and my clients that August will be a big month.  If you know a smidgen about numerology, then you know that eight, sign for infinity,  is considered to be the most powerful number.  I have heard it is the number most associated with survivors, and for the most tenacious.  

Spirit has also likened our reality to a head of hair.  The earth is the head, we are each a strand of hair, sharing the same DNA.  Due to the unprecedented shift we are all undergoing, our strands of hair are all in the same cycle.  That means, we are all essentially going through the same core experiences.  

I am drawing from this information that regardless of our astrological sign, our birth date, times, and other factors, we all have a number eight influence in our own life.  I like being a survivor.  I like being tenacious.  I like having the most powerful number supporting me.  Do you? 

Good times.  Great stuff.  Unrelenting Joy.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wondering, pondering.

We humans think we are so evolved.  
We think we are so superior.  
We think that having opposable thumbs give us so much seniority.  

Yet, my little ten pound dog is smart enough to guard her source of nourishment with a vengeance, that source being me.  She protects her home like she has jaws of steel, not tiny little crooked teeth.

Humans, on the other hand, intentionally detonate nuclear missiles into the source of their nourishment...Humans are so short sighted, they actually will expose their home to deadly radiation under the guise of protecting it.  Hmmm. 

Isn't that interesting. 

Friday, May 22, 2009

He approves.

When you are a medium people just tend to find you, everywhere you go, those people might be living or not.  Once at a very posh spa while getting a facial, I suddenly began feeling melancholy and sick to my stomach all at the same time.  It turns out, I was channeling the estheticians mom who had crossed over the year earlier with cancer.  My facial was supposed to be my down time, but this woman's mom knew I might be the closest avenue to talking with her daughter, and she definitely took the on ramp. 

I channelled, she cried and neither one of us will likely forget that sunday when she came in on her normal day off, at a time that she normally did not work at, and ended up with me on her spa table.  It's the way things work around me.  Today a similar thing happened.  I had promised a couple of hairstylist readings the next time I was in getting my highlights darkened.  So, as I was in the chair, I was reading away for the girls.  

I am so used to doing my thing, whenever, wherever, it's no big deal to me.  What is and has always been a big deal is the way spirit is able to bring messages across to my clients.  So, there I am reading for this woman, and her dad is talking to me.  He didn't immediately come through, he was reserved and waited until the very end to talk to her.  He showed me how he crossed, described himself to me, and then he did a very peculiar thing.  He showed me a dollar bill and pointed at the pyramid.  

I asked her every possible question about pyramids that I could think, no, no.  Nothing rang a bell for her about pyramids.  They were obviously not Egyptian, neither of us could see the connection.  So, I said, well - you know just pay attention if someone mentions a pyramid to you.  I don't know what it means.  We were both okay with leaving the message at that.  BUT, her dad was insistent on pointing to this dollar bill with the pyramid...

You know messages from the other side is charades sometimes.  I am not all knowing, and have no idea sometimes what they are trying to make me understand, or to convey to my clients.  Often, time and sleeping on it are the only remedy to figure out what they were trying to get me to understand.  

It is frustrating to me to not get what they have traveled so far to say to my clients, so I kept thinking, and asked both women - what does that pyramid symbol mean? Finally, I get out a dollar bill so we can further inspect what her dad might be pointing out to her.  My hairdresser had finished her thing on my hair, and I was under a cap cooking.  She whips out her laptop and types in the lettering around the pyramid symbol and God bless google...the pyramid name literally means "He approves."

I would never have known that had she not googled it,  and my clients eyes really said everything.  I asked her if her dad was a non verbal guy...yes.  Did he never voice his  And, she mentioned that he was a farmer who carried the farmers almanac with him.  He lived by it.  Well, the farmers almanac is full of symbolic meanings, it is the oldest metaphysical, not so new thing, being printed.  It obviously was easier for her dad to show his emotions for her by a symbol than actions.  HE knew what the pyramid meant, we just had to figure it out!  

We struck a bargain.  I gave her the dollar that we used today, and she let me use the symbol in my readings...that's a good bargain.  She is going to frame her dad's dollar.  We need to remember, things are not always what they seem in this world.  Dig deeper - that pyramid you see in front of you may be much more than just three sides.  

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spirit chirpings!

I was asked this question today..."Why would a family member on the other side give "general " information in a reading about their loved ones, their lives, their crossing?  Well, they do use our life information as data to get our attention.  Humans are by nature selfish and the other side knows, there is no one that we humans like to hear about more than ourselves.  That is a blanket, yet, totally true statement.  

The other side to that statement is that after a while, the other side quits playing the reading game and will begin to deliver what I call non emotional information.  There is not emotion to the information because the person going back over and over again for the reading does not have a real emotional stake in the reading or information.  

Do our family members have better things to do on the other side than talk to us at our whim...YES.  However, if you are grieving and in true pain over the loss of a family member, then I think they do everything to help us heal.  That is until,  we either start abusing the connection, ie...repetitive readings, or we lose our emotional attachment.  

Mediumship or other types of readings are not meant to simply entertain us, they are meant to help us when we need it the most to find our direction.  Wanting constant information from the other side and needing healing are as far away from each other as Baptist and psychics.  

There is no negative emotion on the other side.  Yet, the other side are our teachers and they can be quite callous...they know when enough is enough and you can't fool them -  they always know a person's true intentions.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pink suits of armor...

Nobody remembers the cowardly  knight.  

They remember the mighty knight that slew the dragon and saved the day!

It may only take ONE act of bravery to turn your story into a fairy tale, too. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Girly ideas.

For many years I have used the nickname, "Psychik."  Those who know me, know, I do not take myself or life too seriously.  I enjoy using "Psychik" to identify myself to bring out both obvious aspects of myself.  First and foremost, I am a total girly girl and two,  I have claimed a powerful part of my soul, my intuition, and had the complete audacity to actually use it to identify myself as a person.  

Being a woman and intuitive are who I am, there is no turning away or use in trying to not "be" either one.  My reasoning, I might as well be both to the best of my abilities.  I throw tea parties, for no reason.  My nails and toes are always painted.  My garden screams, "A woman lives here who loves flowers!"  And, it is not a tidy garden either, I like to let nature be nature.  Sometimes, as in life, the garden is not always ruly or attractive.  I purposefully let one part of my garden stay wild.  It reminds me that life needs to ramble and that I should garden and live along with God, not without him.  Who am I to yank up every seedling out of my beds, they might be someone else's  great idea, just not mine.  

I have a beautiful Virginia Winter Creeper rambling it's way across my back patio.  I love it.  It makes me feel like I am living in another time, in a secret garden space full of magic...and it sprouted all on it's own.  Who knew?  One little weedy vine would bring me such joy.  Last week, I overheard a development crew next door warning each other "not to touch that poison oak growing up those trees..."  I smiled to myself, as I followed their pointed gloved fingers to another Virginia Winter Creeper Vine. 

My psychic side is connected to my feminine aspect as well.  Not forgetting intuition is also our connection back to God.  Many years ago I received the message from Spirit that we were all, as souls, over many lifetimes,  moving towards opening up that most feminine side of us.  That part of us of quiet power.  

Without regards to whether we lived our human lives as a man or woman, we were on a soul's journey to find our ultimate femininity.  This concept makes some - usually men, very uncomfortable.  Spirit was not saying feminine energy was better, but they did most definitely say the feminine, was what we as souls were moving towards claiming.  No person can argue, woman have been repressed, humiliated, controlled and discounted for far too long.

God created man and woman.  He gave woman a tool of creation.  We women come here with an actual tool, designed to create.  I have told many a client, "You came here with a uterus.  God recognized that you were an excellent creator in all aspects of your soul.  He doesn't give those out to just anybody!"  It is a bit ostentatious of man to then alter the manner in which God meant for woman to be.  Just like in my garden...God has his own ideas about our reality.  
My theory is then this:  If as a group we have repressed the embodiment of our soul which exhibits our raw feminine nature.  The very nature of our soul that, per spirit, we are all motivated into reclaiming, then no wonder our spiritual journey has been so difficult...We are denying it on a conscious level by allowing the living women of our planet to continue to be repressed.  


Free our women.  Free our souls.  Remember our true nature.  Live in a garden of joy with God.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Go ahead. Ride the milky way -

Here is a thought to consider - 

Have the audacity and courage to ask for the WHOLE galaxy. 

By default, you will at least get the moon and stars!

Let your soul go and swing from the stars.  Then, you will truly shine on!

PSL Friday

PSL tip for friday: 

The next time someone acts so far out of character your first reaction is to drop your jaw...before you say anything in response...Stop yourself from reacting to their most likely negative action, and find the humor in the situation.  There is always humor in every situation.  It may be strange humor - but it is there.  

Do not give them the response they are looking for ...shock them with humor.  The levity will immediately redirect and diffuse their energy and you will take control of the situation.  You will be showing them your master.  

A master knows that we are all learning, and even those jaw dropping moments are just moments, not forever.  So, the next time someone drops the bomb on you, find something to laugh about...don't laugh at them ....just the situation! 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Those famous webs...

Great happenings in life do not occur in the heavy workings of our day, but within the fine threads of reality,   

It is the many tiny, synchronizations of our day which spin together to create those amazing moments that change our world. 

Pay Attention.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jump on this!

Today Yahoo! reported that 200 new species of frogs have been discovered in Madagascar.  I find this terribly exciting and fascinating!  What a huge coincidence that we, as a planet are going through the biggest metamorphosis since the stone age, and look at there.  Two hundred new frogs!

Frogs are the universal sign for metamorphosis in my readings.  The native Indians link their energies to the moon.  With out a doubt, they are the premiere symbol for fertility. 

Ted Andrews in Animal Speak, says "The frog is the totem for metamorphosis." We humans, just as the frog, are going through the beginning stages of transformation to our true form.  Just as they turn from tadpoles to leggy leaf hoppers.  We are turning  into peaceful light beings in touch finally with our true spiritual essence.  OK, admittedly, the process may be different...then again - who knows ;-)

PSL: Practical Spiritual Living

It is easy for people like myself, who have spent years honing their spiritual connections to flippantly say things like...."Trust, and the answers will come." Or something like I read this morning, "Heaven is here on earth..." 

I would imagine that those comments do nothing for a person who is trying to keep their head above water, and the bills paid.  Times are tough right now.  Hell, they are tough even when we aren't in the midst of a huge earth changing time.  So, I see there is a need for raw spirituality.  The real stuff.  You need to hear something that will help you fix your problems.  You need something that will help you change your life, so you CAN realize your dreams. 

Telling someone who is new to spirituality and trying to keep all their family, bills, health and sanity taken care of, to go within.  Is pointless, until they knows what "within" is. 
They are going to ask, " Go within? Go in, where?" 

I get it.  There are steps to spirituality.  Just as with everything else, you need to start out with the basics and move on from there.  

Eventually, you will understand that "Go within, to find heaven," means, stop worrying.  Clear your mind.  Let go of the fear you are feeling, probably consumed with and you will feel that inner calm again.   It is very easy to let go, once you learn how to let go.  

So, here is your easy Practical Spiritual Living, or PSL, 2 minute exercise for the day. 

Put your feet flat to the floor. 
Put your hands palm down on your thighs.  Close your eyes.  Using your imagination, (and yes, you do have one and yes, you can visualize this in your head.)

Use your imagination to see in your minds eye a bright, white field of light in the air above your head.  See that light as wide as you can see, and as high up as you can see.  See it filling every space above your head.  Now, see that white light begin to pour into your head, down into your body, imagine it going all the way down your body and into the ground through your feet.  See that white light grow like roots, as far and wide as you can see into the earth.  Let yourself relax into that feeling of being totally consumed by that white light.  

Now, see the light begin to travel back up through your body and into the heavens above.  Sit here for just a minute or two and see the light traveling through you, moving from the heavens through you and back into the earth.  

Now, take a deep breath...and open your should feel completely calm...grounded between heaven and earth, in the Light of God.  

See - PSL - something you can use in just two minutes, sitting at your desk.  Use it freely, as many times a day, as needed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Never say "Uncle.."

There was a person in my past who once told me...

" NO one will ever care about what you do.  Walk away from it. "

I prove that person wrong everyday.  

Do not ask for your adversaries to be removed from your life.  They are in your life to move you forward.  Like the current in a river, they will push you past those murky points in your life. Beyond the chaos, a calming pool of accomplishment will be your soothing reward for your tenacity.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lunch with the Head Chef

A man goes into the same restaurant every day for lunch.  He orders the same item everyday, with a glass of iced tea.  Immediately upon receiving his plate of food, he reaches for the salt and pepper, seasons his food and eats his lunch.  

He is a man of routine.  He doesn't like change.  He likes the eatery, but some days the cook does have his off days and the man ends up with heartburn.  

Years later when he crosses over he is talking to God about his accomplishments in his life, or better yet, the lack there of.  He asks God why he never sent him better opportunities.  God tells him, he sent him plenty.  He asks God why life never seemed to go his way, God tells him, he set up a perfect path for him.   God tells him he needed to trust more.  

He reminds the man of his daily lunch ritual.  He points out to him, everyday, no matter what you ordered, you immediately seasoned it yourself, before tasting the food.  You gave no thought about the kitchen's knowledge or training on food altered every dish they brought you.  

The man asks God, what does lunch have to do with our conversation?  God tells him, you did the same thing to everything I ever created for you.  Immediately upon receiving it, you altered it before sampling the experience I prepared for you.  Had you just left things alone, you would have enjoyed them so much more, and you would not have experienced so much heart...burn!

When opportunities come to you, trust they are perfectly created for you by God.  Taste them.  Savor them.  Enjoy their beauty!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday night chirpings!

Climb onto the highest branch you can find. 
Stand tall and sing your song. 
It is, after all, the tune God composed especially for you.

-Carla Mae

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Petal Power


Be Stunning 

-Carla Mae

Friday, May 1, 2009

You heathen - YOU!

Years ago a documentary/expose was made about the New Age movement.  Several groups of people were followed and their belief systems were exposed.  Some were into Buddhism, some were into Metaphysics,  other's into their own spiritual new age journey.   All belief's discussed were considered to be fringe religions.

The interesting thing about the whole expose was, in the end, the segment host came to one conclusion.  His conclusion: 

No matter what type of creed, religion, ritual or crazy belief these "fringe" people were following, it appeared that they were all...happy!  Despite their dabbling in the occult.  Despite their seemingly devilish worshipping and wayward paths, they all were content in their lives and happy to be.  

They lived lives of tolerance, allowing others to live and let live.  Judgement was not a part of their character.  They all seemed to just live joyous, simple lives.  

It is interesting to me that today it appears those people most upset by the new energy, that seems to have infected the whole planet, are not those living hedonistic life's, but those who follow hard core fundamentalist religious doctrines.  I am thinking they might be able to learn something from the heathens of the world.  

Signed - 

A happy, joyful, tolerant - heathen

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Caution is a good thing...but people please get a grip!

This is from Yahoo News this morning. 

"From Egypt's order that all 300,000 pigs in the country be slaughtered to travel bans and putting the kibosh on kissing, the world is taking drastic — and some say debatable — measures to combat swine flu.

Egypt ordered the pig slaughter even though there hasn't been a single case of swine flu there and no evidence that pigs have spread the disease. Britain, with only five cases, is trying to buy 32 million masks."

Absolute fear is the only thing powering these actions.  It's a flu.  It is not a disease that will melt your flesh.  We have very good hospitals.  It is not a totally fatal virus.  You can live through it.  The flu kills people every year without mass slaughtering of animals.  Yeah, it looks like many will get sick with the flu - but that does not mean the end of the world is here. Nor does it mean that all who get it will die.  

Take a breath.  Wash your hands, often.  Calm down.  Armageddon is not here. Be reasonable and rational. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm cutting you off!

There are moments that we all have which cause us to have butterflies in our gut.  Those flutterings of uncertainty, angst, or flat out excitement.  Most of us try to do anything to suppress those moments of awareness, which is exactly what they are.  Intuitive realizations of the possibilities of something good coming to you.

It makes me wonder why we rush to suppress them?  I think it is so rare for us to have really good auspicious moments in our lives,  when they do happen, we simply may not know how to deal with them.  

Of course, fear adds it's own dark energy to the mix, and poof - we have drama.  Spirit just told a client that her beast ( fear ) has been fed well over the years.   Here is a concept for you to think about, how about we all refuse to feed the beast.  Just cut him off.  Refuse to accept any negative emotions to damper the flutterings of beautiful butterflies in your life.  

We can create beauty and prosperity with wonderful possibilities.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

There is no swine here.

What do you think could happen to our world if we expected the best to happen.  The best in everything we perceived in anyway?  We would be stepping out of that all too familiar energy of fear and into the realm of possibility.  

Expecting the best means we are choosing love, joy and positive abundance.  It means we refuse to continue allowing fear based ideals to rule our reality.  So, instead of listening to the news about how bad the swine flue could get, expect it to fizzle out and go away.  Expect our bodies to no longer be hospitable hosts to it, and it will go away. 

We are in the dawn of a time when we manifest so quickly and so rapidly, we can manifest pure joy, pure good.  We can choose light.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's all downhill from here! Maybe.

There was yet another ramping of energy last night.  However, there is a difference in the ones we are currently feeling and the ones we have felt earlier in the year.  That's right peeps, they are feeling better!  Everybody clap and thank God!  

You might be seeing evidence of these lighter energy nudges, by the stuck feeling leaving your life.  If you have been feeling like you really needed to get up and do something, channels will start to open up that will allow you to do so. 

I am fully aware that I am sounding a bit horoscope-ish lately.  I think I made that word up, but just believe me, we are all feeling essentially the same stuff.  I will let you know when these little energy alterations occur.  I think it will help us deal with them better.  It's what I do. 

Good stuff.  Great Stuff.  Life is better every moment! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wacky White House Stuff - revised

I had THE all time craziest dream last night.  I dreamt that I was at the White House touring it for ghosts.  

Do they have ghost tours at the White House?  Any how, I was making the bed of one the guest rooms, and The First Lady was sitting beside me.  She told me she was pregnant.  She was so excited and I couldn't figure out why I was making the bed??

She asked me what I thought she was having and I said girl - but that babies often feel like girls to me.  

My dreams sometimes can be prophetic, but not always.  How fun would it be to have a First newborn again.  Especially for the Obama's!  That would be one special First baby in many ways! 

Once, I dreamt that my sister was having a boy and that she kept taking him out of her womb and playing with him during her pregnancy, in the dreams I would tell her to leave him alone and let him get bigger.   She ended up,  indeed having a baby boy.  And I just confirmed she had at least six if not seven, sonograms.  I joked her baby was the only child to have a cell phone before birth.  

We will see what happens in the White House. 

Note to self...Don't eat Banana Nut Cherrios before going to bed!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dibs on driver side!

My guardian angel just whispered to me that she will be driving the bus today.  

So I guess, I will do a puzzle and listen in? 

This could be very interesting! 

And we're pausing...

Today is a pause. 
 After the rush in energy this weekend, you might be feeling a bit hungover.  Just a bit tired.  
Relax and let your workday unfold. 
All the great ideas that came to you over the weekend are still valid and still as great as yesterday.  
Let them brew.  

Have a monday.
While you  chant- 

 'We are lucky people, choosing joy and positive abundance in all ways! 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

That moment!

We can talk about when things get better, and wish for "that moment" to hurry up and happen.  Then when "that moment" actually arrives, we realize, there was no way to fully comprehend how great "that moment" was going to be, until it really did happen.  Why?  

Because we weren't there yet.  

Shall - we stop anticipating how moments will be, just expect the best and then let life happen.  

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rain drops on our soul!

It's raining in Dallas today!  Which will amplify all energy we are feeling.  Water conducts energy very well, and with the already pumped vibes we had going, it will definitely not be a boring day.  

Spirit tells me this rush should continue at least through the early part of Sunday.  That translates to being able to get oodles accomplished, that is, inside at least!  If you are not in a place that is raining, no worries.  You will feel it too, just a bit watered down!  ; )

You might find your self feeling very creative, go with it. 

If something is irritating you.  Remember, all things are amplified.  Pour yourself something soothing. Just breathe and relax.  

If something makes you happy, it's gonna make you really happy!  

You never know what this weekend and April showers will bring, so grab your boots and get to it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Did you have an overwhelming feeling to face north today?

Types of People

As this new energy reveals it's self, there are clear lines being formed, which are marking the types of people each one of us are choosing to be.  Have you noticed these changes?  Are you defiant and resistant to the change? Finding yourself kind of in the middle?  OR, are you open and excited about the incoming energy?  

Remember that song line, "Stand in the place where you are?" That is exactly what we are all doing!  Taking stands.  There is no right or just is.  Our world rules are changing, we are closer now than ever, to remembering who we truly are as souls, not humans.  What would life be like, if we had no limitations to our awareness?  Pretty exciting!  

My new speaking series," The State of Our Soul"  begins Friday the 24th in Dallas, at the Cathedral of Light.  It will be all about the great re-veiling of our reality here on planet earth and about the four sides to our planet.  Four sides?  What does that mean?  Planets are round!  Yes, but the humans that inhabit the planet have dimension, and we will be talking about those dimensions and how they affect us all.  

To find out how this is and will affect you, come see me at the Cathedral.  If you are out of town, don't fret.  I'm working with Spirit to put this information into book form, and I will be coming to a city close to you soon. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All Hail the Popa!

I originally wrote a post about my Pope Rose in March...As you can see, my beloved rose is alive and doing very well!  

We are all, well on our own way, to thriving above and beyond our expectations too!

See...We can take a pruning and blossom!

Original post.....

I have a rose bush in my garden, named and propagated for Pope John Paul II.  I call it the Popa Rosa.  It is one of my most prized possession's.  It's bloom is bold, creamy, white and smells divine.  It makes me happy to see it proudly displayed in my humble, little garden.  

Last year, despite my fussing and spraying, the Popa was plagued by one problem after another.  Although by fall's end, it stood a towering six feet tall, black spot had ravaged it of it's leaves, and to say the least the Popa was not looking so rosy. 

So, reluctantly in late January, I cut him back.  As I was trimming off the diseased branches, it did occur to me that perhaps, I might be cutting back just a bit too aggressively.  But no matter...I had to take some drastic measures.  The Popa was not going to be well again this year, without intervention.  

You know in horticulture, cutting back an ailing plant will cause renewed growth and vigor.  So, I cut back the Popa and waited.  Today, just weeks after it's shearing, it is growing back with gusto!  Even the thickest, woodiest branch, although reluctant, finally put off new shoots, and I am happy to say, soon I will be smelling it's divine bloom again.  

On the other side of the fence, are three rose "trees" that are equally growing like crazy.  First glance would make you think that they are healthy, happy and strong.  Yet, I noticed aphids and white flies on them yesterday.  They too, just like the Popa are needing some TLC and some pruning, so they too, can thrive through the summer.  If I leave them, the beasts that are using them as a food source, will destroy their blooms and leave them ailing.  

Life is mirrored in the garden.  Just like our plants, our life can sometimes look so grand to the casual observer.  Unless skilled to see the subtle signs of disease, no one may notice that your life is growing out of control, yet diseased and unhappy. 

At first glance,  the sudden shoot of a of a rose bush, may appear impressive.  Grand lifestyles can be just the same, outwardly impressive, but in need of pruning, to bring the whole into balance. 

It makes me wonder this symbolism of the garden.  Did God see our garden we have all grown here and in his wisdom, knew we were all in need of pruning, some needing more pruning than others.  Just like the woody, oldest branches of a rose, people, no matter how set in their woody old ways, are always capable of new growth.  

Just like that beautiful rose bush that was trimmed back to just ugly sticks a month ago, it now is covered in vibrant growth, and ready to take on an new year of blooming.  So shall we all!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I can't get this link to copy you will have to work for this blog - but do it! 

Stop everything you are doing and go to and search for Susan Boyle... 

Grab some kleenex because this amazing woman lived it, and then she sang it...Good LORD did she sing it!    AMAZING INSPIRATION!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Have we all been bamboozeled!

Today, Good Friday,  marks the beginning of THE most celebrated mediumistic event in history.  That event was Jesus returning after his physical death to reassure those who loved him  that he did in fact, continue on. 

Im thinking, if it was good enough for Jesus to do, good enough for us to stop working for a friday every year, good enough for many of us to go to church for the first and possibly one service of the year, good enough for us to don hats, gloves and frilly dresses, then perhaps,  connecting to the other side is not quite so evil, after all. 


Good Friday - indeedee!
Happy Easter Ya'll


Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Ladies Number One Detective Agency...

"Don't worry about me...I am made of strong stuff."  

Mma Ramotswe 
The Ladies Number One Detective Agency

Now, doesn't that make you just sit up a bit taller in your chair?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Did I just say that - outloud?

These days are you finding it harder and harder to hold your tongue.  When the people around you start spewing craziness, hatred, negativity, fear, "yada yada snore," do you really just have to bite the words back?  

OR, like yours truly, are you just needing to speak truth.  Your truth, maybe not theirs but, yours.  Anyone who knows me, knows that "Candid" Carla is every one's truth, whether liked or not.  Candor is your friend, really.  Candor is your friend because, once you know an other's position, then you can truly be yourself.

I have always found truth, spoken in kindness can be dealt with by just about anyone.  I am not really sure why I am writing this blog tonight.  Someone must need to hear it.  If that someone is you, just take a deep breath, and as politely as possible, with as few words as possible...just say it. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get over it - we are all just renters!

I was inspired to write this blog as I watched an HBO special tonight about the fight between Israel and Palestine, which ultimately led to one teenager Palestinian girl blowing up herself and another girl in a grocery store in Israel.  

It was a documentary about how both sides - the families of these girls - felt pain, from this horrible event. 

It struck me so hard, because those girls died for nothing.  The land that their countries are defending from each other, blowing each other up over, attacking each other over...does not belong to anyone.  It was there ages before they were ever even conceived as a thought.  That land, just as the same land that I live on, you live on, anyone lives on - does not belong to anyone. 

I realized this one day as I was driving over the Trail Ridge Road in Estes Park Co.  As I drove over that famous road, and looked out at the highest point over the top of the Rocky Mountains, more than 13,000 feet up, it became perfectly clear that I, just like every other generation before me would enjoy that land for a finite amount of time.  Then, I, not the land, would continue on my journey off of the land, happily leaving it behind for other generations to enjoy.  

Unfortunately, for those two girls, they left the land for their families to fight over.  Will this change anything?  Probably not.  For their fight has been roaring on and on for so long.  So, it makes me ponder.  Who is the fool here?  One side over the other?  Or humans as a whole, for trying to own something that was always bigger than they could hold.  Grander, than they could ever comprehend, and a work of God's art that was never meant to be "owned."  

For as smart as we humans believe we are, we really act ignorant sometimes.  I hope those girl's families can ever find peace.

Monday, March 30, 2009

She's Back!

Just a little tasty morsel to get your mouths watering about the first, in a long time, live event I a having here in the DFW area.  I will be getting details out to you - it's The State of our Soul from the horses mouth... that's right folks, I will be talking about the shift and delivering messages from the Angels and other side. 

It's gonna be fun!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Be a star!

"The molecules of your body are the same molecules that make up the nebulae, that burn inside the stars themselves. 

We are star stuff."


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


"You can do this....You all have a master in you.  You would not be alive right now, if that was not the case.  Timing here on earth really is divine.  Choose joy.  Choose light.  Insist that you live in nothing short of truth, honesty and integrity.  Only then, will you truly be in your most perfect scenario!"

- words from an Archangel

Did you feel that?

At approximately 4:00 a.m. CST today, there was another shift.  Many people have reported being restless last night. 

I am not sure exactly what new energy this recent shift is bringing to us, although I am sure we will soon see it in each of our lives.  

I would imagine it will further support the surfacing of old issues.  Issues that were once thought dealt with, put on the back burner or forgotten about in our minds.  

Going with the flow is a good idea, presently.  Making set plans month ahead will be difficult, in most situations.  Allow our co-creator energy to rule your decision making right now.  That means, if something is not flowing well, let it go and allow another idea to come to you. 

This is not a time to push anything.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog....Blog

Why do I think that anyone has time in their day to listen to what little ole me has to say?  You might be saying.."Nobody cares, so shut up...You are so annoying!"  Well, then you would be quoting Madagascar!  

I write this blog, not to hear myself chirp away, but because the angels, yes, the Archangels asked me to do it.  They knew this particular point in our life, as in the life of earth, was going to be terribly wretched to live through, and in their foresight, asked me to be just one little voice.  

I call it my public service.  I do it because they asked me to.  Much like many things in my career,  because I was asked to.  It is called, "living by faith, letting go and letting God, trust, crazed?" Perhaps, all of the mentioned.  I know, no matter what you call it, if I step aside and just do what I am asked, then life goes much easier for me.  

I recommend you do the same...and maybe start you're own blog too!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chanting, and creatively baking dirt. HUH?

So, you are irritated with life.  Stressed out to the max.  Everyone and everything is stomping on your very last sane nerve and you feel like you can't get away from it.  What to do?  

There are a few cheap and easy everyday things that can greatly help you release your stress and ground yourself back down and away from other's chaotic energy. 

Chant... we are very lucky people. Over and over and over in your head, as many times a day as you can.  I really can't stress this one enough.  You may not realize it, but those words have energy and that energy will keep you balanced like a cork in water.  It will help you just float through your day, unable to be dragged under, no matter what!  Plus, it will attract great stuff to you. 

Garden...Touching the ground, dirt and organic matter, naturally grounds you.  Ground=dirt. Very simple, and a great time of year for it.  I would actually let some of the dirt get on your skin, you don't have to dig with your fingers, just don't be super neat.  That smearing of mud may well be the best, cheapest spa treatment you can get right now!

Bake...Anything.  Baking is a very nurturing, grounding ritual.  It has incredible strength and energy tied to it.  A ritual is anything that is done with purpose and repetition.  It is in a sense, basic care giving.  Feeding ones hunger, providing comfort are ways to help ground and heal, which baking does well.  It is a great time to try some new spring recipes.  If you don't have the time to whip up anything from scratch, a two dollar mix from the baking aisle works just fine.  The healing comes from the act of baking, not in the final product, so much.  That means, you can bake away, give the goodies to the office or friends, and still reap major benefits - without gaining a pound.  

Create...Making something by hand is a wonderful way to ground, and open up those psychic channels in yourself.  Creative energy and psychic energy are the same thing, channelled in a different way.  Again, as with the baking, the final product is not so important as the act.  Paint the same piece of canvas, again and again.  Paint your wall different colors, knit, try your hand at clay modeling, it doesn't matter.  Just let some of those creative juices flow.  You will be surprised at how calm you feel and you just might discover a hidden talent in yourself!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't forget to accessorize!

Have you noticed something as you are going about your day?  Have you taken time to watch others around you.  See something you might now have seen about three months ago?  Noticed more unhappy faces than usual?  

Yep, that is right.  NO smiles.  We went to a much needed night out this weekend, and I couldn't believe the unhappy faces.  I am not just talking stoic, but down right, "let me burn you with my eyes" faces.  In cars, restaurants, the movie store, grocery store, even fun places, seemed joyless.  I actually felt bad for many of the people sitting around us at dinner because their faces just seemed to scream, "I am so miserable!"

I can hear my clients bristle when I mention change in a session.  Humans as a whole, loath change.  But, you know this much needed and highly anticipated "shift", or change is what  our souls needed to do.   The process is confusing.  The confusion is irritating, and unsettling.  The unsettled feeling is actually the fertile ground from which a beautiful new "us" will emerge from.  

So, when you get dressed in the morning, don't walk out the door without the one most forgotten, yet so important accessory to your day.  You never know, your smile may just be that little bit of extra "umph" your co-worker, neighbor or fellow commuter needed to see beaming back to them.  In turn, you just might need to see theirs too!  

   My daughter used to be in the drill team and they had a cute little saying, for those times when their "less than balanced" director was being goes - 

" FUN!"

Try saying that without smiling just a little! Especially when someone around you is not being nice back to you!  Just say that in your head and you will giggle, perhaps just a bit!

A smile is free, catchier than the flu, and is definitely just what somebody ordered for us right now!  We ALL need them!  Smiles are animated light!

Compliment your wardrobe with one, everyone else will thank you for it.