Sunday, November 8, 2009


If you are a real psychic, why don't you fix the worlds problems?

Psychic does not mean "fixer of all wrongs." We all have free will, this allows us to determine our individual paths. There is also a collective free will, not forgetting, God's Plan. These factors determine the greater free will of a group, race, nation, religion, and planet. One individuals free will, or even one whole groups collective free will, would not be enough energy to shift the collective free will of a planet, or God's Plan.

Because we come here to Earth to learn emotional experiences through first hand physical experience, ridding the planet of challenges would be a counter-productive action. Humans learn the most when times are hard, lean and not fun. We have to know the bitter, to understand and appreciate the sweet.

Now, that being said, if an entire country decided to stop warring altogether, at once. Then, and only then would you be able to effectively redirect the concept of war. Even then, you would still have the rest of the planets nations that may or may not be going against your decision, so the ideal of ridding the planet Earth of war, is a distant hope.

To successfully change one nations collective idea of accepting war, we would have to first stop warring each other in our families, in our neighborhoods. We would have to stop warring between our churchs, schools, and HOA"s, just to name a few places we commonly wage war. All that change would have to super cede a major global change in the acceptance of warring over land or societal rights.

So you see, expecting one soul on the planet to be responsible for that magnitude of change is not reasonable or rational. Besides that, have you ever been to an HOA meeting!

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