Thursday, July 23, 2009


I find Twitter to be like a room full of people all talking about themselves at one time..And listening to no one....The sound is deafening.

It is a snapshot of reality.  Are we always about ourselves?

And another thing....

While I am on the subject of positive abundance, joy etc...It would be naive to believe that all of our experiences here on the planet are going to go that way.  

Losing a loved one is painful, but Joy can be found in their healing and knowing their suffering ended.  Joy can be found in remembering the moments you shared with them...That will forever and always be with you in your heart to call up at anytime you choose.  I know that pales to losing your best friend, brother, mother..You can find joy in it.  

Not all experiences here are going to appear good to you in anyway, yet, somehow change seems to move us in a good direction, even when we think all is lost.  

By asking for Joy, positive abundance and luck, you will call to you the best of every experience you have in front of you...  That means, per chance you might lose your job.  But unlike another, you are lucky, so you have one waiting on you to step into within days!  

The song was correct.  We were not promised a rose garden.  But God did say he would listen to our prayers, and if you are praying with intention, and open ended enough, he will help you through those tough times with maybe only a little scratch, instead of a total destruction!

I choose Joy, Positive Abundance, and WE are very lucky people!

Shifty Sleep

I had forgotten how difficult sleep was to grasp and hold onto during the last big shift in the Fall of 2008.  Since this new momentum began last week, cutting zzz's has not been so easy.  

I feel excited all over again, like it's Christmas Eve and I can't wait to see what the morning will bring.   Although, most Christmas' my world - I have a pretty good idea, and I am not the easiest person to spring a surprise gift on.  It's a little down side or upside to being psychic, which ever way you see it.  

A client asked me yesterday to be more specific about why I constantly hound you guys to chant positive affirmations.  I thought I had been clear about how useful affirmations can be, but hey, per chance, not.  The timing is  appropriate, because spirit had just elaborated on one of the ones, they had been hounding to me...Hence, my hounding to you.   See the cycle?  

When we say to ourselves, in our head or out loud, "I choose Joy, Positive Abundance, and We are very Lucky People."  A multitude of things suddenly begin to happen.... 

By starting your thought with "I" you immediately link up to the part of you, that part of you that is in closest connection with God, your trusty Guardian Angel and she/he is called to action by the word "I".  Think of using the word "I", as putting your car key in the ignition and turning it on.  

By using specific, yet broad wording, such as JOY, POSITIVE ABUNDANCE, AND WE ARE VERY LUCKY PEOPLE you are very effectively letting go and letting God...Letting him do his thing! 

Let us break it down....Consciously asking for Joy literally means you are telling the universe and all of the powers at hand, aka God, that you intend for only experiences that cause you Joy to come to you.  If you are feeling Joyous, things can't be bad, right?  And because you are sending out each and every thought with the word "I"at the beginning, you are basically stating that all things following "I" are the only types of energy you allow to experience.  Here's hoping they are thoughts of Joy, cause they are coming one way or another. 

This might look like in the real world that you suddenly are not really in harmony with that person who is always sucking your energy dry with her/his life drama.  Why?  Because you demanded JOY and they are not capable of bringing that to you...What to do?  Recognize what is happening, and become unavailable to that person.  

Asking for JOY in your home, might manifest by way of the kids  slowly but surely getting along better...JOY makes life calmer...It makes things flow better.  JOY is a good thing!

POSITIVE ABUNDANCE is pretty explanatory.  Asking for this is again, a blanket statement, just as JOY.  When we ask for Positive Abundance it makes our Guardian Angel/God extremely happy....Because we rarely do it.  We ask Him for all kinds of stuff that we think we need and have no clue of the kind of crazy chaos we actually are asking to come into our lives.   Of course, we are blindly asking for this when we are forcefully, precisely, attempting to micro-manifest those things we THINK we need in our lives...

Then - we wonder, what the hell?The wheels start to fall off our bus, we run out of gas, the whole place comes crashing down and we drop our jaws and have the audacity to wonder - Where is God?  Why didn't he answer my prayer...He did - Rambo. Enjoy. 

Let. God. Deal. With. The Details. 

Positive Abundance covers everything and it is very efficient...It touches every topic, health, wealth, love, relationships, family, career...etc.  Yet, it is open ended enough not to put what WE think we need into it.  Asking for Positive Abundance is letting go and letting God, because he is POSITIVE it often!  He knows how to bring us the best possible solution for that dilemma we have been struggling with and He can bring it to us for the best price, best location, best of everything!   Did I mention, do this often?  

I AM/WE ARE VERY LUCKY PEOPLE is your friend in these wild, wacky, changeable times.  If you are the head of the family ( a parent ) use "we".  If you are single, use "I".  OR, you can say it both ways.  Consciously asking for God to bring luck to you is just as good as asking for Positive Abundance. 

Asking for Positive Abundace is a warm happy request that will, make you start attracting all kinds of luck to you.  Imagine.  You might not win the lottery in the morning, but you then again...You might.  This statement is again well stated, and perfectly open ended to allow God to do His/Her work in your life.  Let your "people"  on the other side be your life line.  All those "people" are the Angelic energies (God) who you entrusted your journey to upon your departure from the Heavenly hallows into this Earth world, ...Ask them to bring you good stuff and they will.  They will bring it to you in a way that you will actually be able to enjoy it.  

Asking for Luck to come to you will also keep everyone else's negative stuff away from you.  We as a planet are all kind of going through the same thing.  Lots of people are spinning off their negative castaway energy, as their Angels work with them.  As you think and say  your prayers/chants each day (and I would do them repetitively)  see your aura filling up with light energy.   This will help you to not unknowingly send random waves of "yuck" to your neighbors.

Spirit has been telling me to tell you about the water connection.  Asking for anything in prayer/chanting is a form of energy work...Gods energy.  Water conducts energy extremely well, so praying/chanting/meditating all while touching water is an excellent idea.  

I do not recommend meditating while swimming due to the chance of drowning.  If you choose to do your affirmations in a pool - wear a floating device firmly attached to you so you don't go off into a meditative state and drink more water than you planned.  Common sense is necessary here...If in doubt, call your fire department and ask them about safety points to remember while meditating in the pool.  They are going to tell you not to do it...I agree - just sit in your living room in your easy chair with your feet in a bowl of water - much safer and the same difference.  

I personally like the shower for meditative work (again, using common sense and caution), or doing dishes, laundry, or watering the yard...lots of times in our days right now, when we are touching water.  You don't have to immerse your body completely in water to reap the benefits of touching the water.  On that note, If you have ever almost drowned while doing dishes, laundry or watering your yard, you need to be chanting " I am a Lucky person a whole lot more than you have been, move to a very dry climate and forget the whole idea of water and meditation.

The other thing that happens when we engage our mind in sending out positive requests all day is that we very effectively stop a negative habit we all do - in it's tracks.  That negative habit is talking to people in our head about how they have wronged us, hurt us, or how stupid we think they are.  Yada Yada.  Sound familiar?  Yes, it does.  Don't lie.  Those conversations are the worst thing we could possible waste our manifesting energy on...For one, non of those conversations have a hope of ever being said....The moment is gone, over.  

All you are doing by endlessly blabbering on in your mind about it is sending oodles and oodles of negative abundance out in to the "blue yonder" on your behalf...that's right.  You may well spend HOURS of your day asking for truckloads of negative junk of all kinds and shape to come to you.  Then, you will wonder why you are having such a bad day???

So, what to do.  Stop.  

If you repetitively chant/pray... I choose Joy, positive abundance, and we are very lucky people - ALL DAY LONG ....Then you can't be bitching at people in your head - now can you?   

People...put your key in your ignition, and let the chanting begin!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Now, here is a thought.

I am not aware of any person who has been able to successfully heal themselves solely through physical actions...Spiritual intervention of some kind must occur for true healing to be had.  Even in physical death, a spiritual action occurs to release the soul from a diseased body.  

Friday, July 17, 2009

Here we go - wings in and hold on!

Have you ever taken a ride on a roller coaster and felt the pull of the chain mechanism as you slowly start to ascend up to the highest point?  You can feel the track engage to pull you up to the drop off point, and with that sensation, a mixture of both excitement, thrill and dread all kind of swirl together - which of course, adds to the moment!  

Well pull your wings in kiddies, and hold on, cause we are in the click, clackety phase of our own roller coaster ride...within the last 24 hours the August shift kicked into gear and we are slowly being pulled into the most perfect spot for our next phase of the spiritual ride.   

Are you chanting you are a very lucky person, choosing Joy and positive abundance at all times?  

It's a very good checking your shoulder harness just one. more. time!  

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Will the "Real" Carla Mae please stand up!

It has recently come to my attention that there is a chance one or more sites listed on the internet are offering readings with Carla Mae, sites that have no connection to me, the real Carla Mae.  

I will be open minded and agree, I am not the only Carla Mae walking the planet.  However, if you had a reading or know of someone who had a reading by a person claiming to be me, Carla Mae, Psychic Medium, from Texas and these following things occurred...please notify me immediately at 817-379-2211 or by email at 

You or your friend were charged by the minute, and/or through your phone bill. 

Your or your friend were asked to or someone attempted to make you a member for a discount to have a cheaper reading with Carla Mae. 

You were offered any other service other than a reading to be conducted either in person or over the phone, by a person saying they were Carla Mae.  Not including Reiki - which always is performed in person.  

You were charged more than you expected to reasonably pay, according to my fee, which is 90.00 for a half hour, 180.00 for an hour, and half price for each extra person in the reading.  

And here is the one that chap's my knickers the most, if all of the above hadn't already...

You or your friend were told that you had to pay more money, or buy more services or time, to find out " more " about your session or that you were going to suffer some hardship if you did not agree to the above ludicrous terms.  And were told basically a doom or gloom type of reading...I do not give out that type of information, it is negative, and helps no one. I just don't do it. 

My whole career I have stood up for clients who have been lied to, cheated, and basically terrorized by criminals masquerading as "psychic's".  Real intuitive people who have good intentions would never ask you to do any of the above mentioned actions. 

I do not know of a credible psychic - and I know quite a few of them - who charge through a phone line, by the minute.  

Mediumship or psychic type of services are not for everyone.  Then again, neither is skydiving, eating pork, or joining the Catholic church...

There are many, and I mean many sites on the internet who use my name in the search key words to attempt to filter clients to their site to have a reading with me.  To date, most of these sites, have only used my name as key if someone took it a step further, I need to know.  


Friday, July 3, 2009

PSL: Practical Spiritual Living Tip

Here is a scenario...It's evening and you are just chilling. Maybe you are reading a book, doing some chores, or just getting yourself ready for bed. Out of no where and for no rational reason, you are suddenly feeling uneasy. You might be feeling so uneasy, that you are actually afraid. You just have that creepy feeling that something is just not right. Maybe it's your imagination, maybe it's a sound you heard outside that caught your attention...Whatever it was that caught your radar, you are anxious.

A great way to deal with this situation, is to immediately invoke Jesus. That is right, Jesus. No matter what religion you believe in or are practicing, invoking Jesus will immediately clear your space. Just ask him to stand in your room with you, or you can ask him to "clear your house." You can also ask the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel to stand in the four corners of your house and banish all negative energies out and away from your sacred spaces.

Your sacred spaces include all those both physical and etheric, so it is a blanket statement. Once you have done at least one of the above, be vigilant and check your doors, making sure a living person is not the reason you were creeped out.

Setting up psychic protection is a real and necessary practice. It literally will help you set boundaries around your aura, your home and your children's aura's (as long as they are not in or older than their puberty years.) Remember, all parent's are their children's aura's guardians until the time when they are capable of setting their own sacred space - which is puberty.

You might choose to borrow a very effective means of protecting your sacred spaces from a group of Kahuna warriors, I was lucky enough to meet them on a trip to Maui. It's a long story but the gist of it is...I visited a beach with an adjacent Kahuna burial ground. Ever "Curious Carla," I foolishly decided to have a little walk through of their sacred plot...It would be full disclosure at this point to tell you that the warriors surrounding the sacred burial ground did, in fact, warn me not to have that little walk through - ahead of time. They did this of course psychically, although I could plainly see them with both my psychic vision and my physical vision.

Note to self: When a Kahuna warrior tells you NOT to do something...listen. I did not of course, and approximately 5 to 10 minutes into my little walk through, every thing I had eaten days before, simply turned to liquid. The rest of this little learning lesson was not pretty and I am certain you get the point. I did. Psychic protection resides in your solar plexus which is really close to your stomach, and intestines. Those organs are very sensitive to changes in your solar plexus.

You can employ that same, effective - yet, non hostile type of defense...Should anyone cross into your sacred spaces, that you have not given permission to do so, or truly means you or your family harm. You can ask your Angelic protectors to activate their solar plexus. Good luck to them. It is safe to say, one is not exactly capable of anything else when they are in the midst of gastrointestinal chaos. You only have to do it once, ask the Angels to cover your property and auras from corner to corner and they will be ever vigilant, until you tell them otherwise,

Note: Unless they truly mean you harm, this does not work on ex-husbands, people you are angry at and the Angels will not cause harm to anyone. Remember - it is protection and not can't use it to get back at people. Try that and I bet you will be the one with GI chaos...the Angels will have nothing to do with negative mudslinging.

Really useful PSL tip's for home security!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

August, August, August

I am sure I have mentioned to almost every person I have talked to about the highly charged month of August this year. It seems to pop up in just about every reading I do and is looming ahead of us pretty quick.

So what is so fascinating about the month of August. It is hotter than hell, especially if you are fortunate enough to live in that ever present dark red blob on the weather man's map.

By August, every speck of fun summertime plastic is whisked off the stores shelves and crammed with spirals, #2 pencils and rulers in preparation for the first day of school in the "month o heat."

I personally start making offerings to the Fall Gods by turning my AC down to the lowest setting, and cooking up boiling pots of chili, chicken and noodles, and anything and everything pumpkin flavored. I do this in hopes the Gods will smile down on us, pleased with my scrumptious bounty and allow just one tiny little cold front to blast its Canadian way into our lives once again.

This August is shaping up to be all the above and more. If you aren't already chanting "we are very lucky people" like a bingo player waiting for her last, and winning, number to be called, then I HIGHLY recommend you start. We have a wonderful opportunity presented to us this August...It is already here - actually.

This golden opportunity is the small window of possibility. ANY possibility. You choose. What will it be for you this August? A new life? New career? Financial freedom? Health? Once and for all leaving depression behind you in a cloud of dust? Aim high people, this would be the time to go for it like you have never gone for it ever before. Assume you have absolute momentum behind you, because you do.

You have a few weeks to get it straight in your head...Really get it straight and clear...what would make you so happy, so content, so at peace, that you would be living a happy, joyous, abundant life?

Don't expect grilling at my pool this year. I'm thinking big bowls of chili and cheese noodles, stick to your ribs cornbread and pumpkin cake all sprinkled with "We are very lucky people" is just what the doc ordered for my fourth of July!

It's good mojo to make the Fall Gods smile down on us!

Go on, take a deep breath and just go for it!