Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy blue morning!

When I was a kid on the way to school, I would cut down the alley.  The woman who lived behind us grew morning glories on her fence.  I used to love to see those big blue flowers on her fence.  There is an unconscious sense of correctness when nature is healthy and doing its thing.  

I think flowers are the way plants smile.  The happier they are - the more flowers we see.  
Are you wearing a smile today?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

PSL: Practical Spiritual Living Tip of the Week

Meditating in the shower is an excellent way to amplify your connection to the other side. As water is excellent at conducting energy, it will help you connect into a state of zen - faster and stronger, giving you a shorter than normal, but powerful meditation.  

Im sure you will want to just take this from me...mind those curtains before you do this type of meditation.

It does tend to detract from your zen like state when you realize that fresh from the shower, still talking to your guides, you have travelled into your bedroom and are putting deodorant on in front of a completely open window...

Hello...Neighbor.  Awkward.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here is a thought..

Some of the best messages from the other side are the ones we needed to hear.  
Not the ones we wanted to hear.
Expect nothing, so you CAN hear what is being said.  

Wacky wonderful week stuff.

This is such a fascinating time to be alive.  This week I have met the most interesting people.  I have heard the most interesting stories about those people - and the week isn't even over yet!  Amazing things are going to happen tomorrow.  
It's not going to just be a "pay your phone bill day!"  
Can't wait!


August has been coming up in sessions quite a bit since the first of the year.  Spirit keeps telling me and my clients that August will be a big month.  If you know a smidgen about numerology, then you know that eight, sign for infinity,  is considered to be the most powerful number.  I have heard it is the number most associated with survivors, and for the most tenacious.  

Spirit has also likened our reality to a head of hair.  The earth is the head, we are each a strand of hair, sharing the same DNA.  Due to the unprecedented shift we are all undergoing, our strands of hair are all in the same cycle.  That means, we are all essentially going through the same core experiences.  

I am drawing from this information that regardless of our astrological sign, our birth date, times, and other factors, we all have a number eight influence in our own life.  I like being a survivor.  I like being tenacious.  I like having the most powerful number supporting me.  Do you? 

Good times.  Great stuff.  Unrelenting Joy.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wondering, pondering.

We humans think we are so evolved.  
We think we are so superior.  
We think that having opposable thumbs give us so much seniority.  

Yet, my little ten pound dog is smart enough to guard her source of nourishment with a vengeance, that source being me.  She protects her home like she has jaws of steel, not tiny little crooked teeth.

Humans, on the other hand, intentionally detonate nuclear missiles into the source of their nourishment...Humans are so short sighted, they actually will expose their home to deadly radiation under the guise of protecting it.  Hmmm. 

Isn't that interesting. 

Friday, May 22, 2009

He approves.

When you are a medium people just tend to find you, everywhere you go, those people might be living or not.  Once at a very posh spa while getting a facial, I suddenly began feeling melancholy and sick to my stomach all at the same time.  It turns out, I was channeling the estheticians mom who had crossed over the year earlier with cancer.  My facial was supposed to be my down time, but this woman's mom knew I might be the closest avenue to talking with her daughter, and she definitely took the on ramp. 

I channelled, she cried and neither one of us will likely forget that sunday when she came in on her normal day off, at a time that she normally did not work at, and ended up with me on her spa table.  It's the way things work around me.  Today a similar thing happened.  I had promised a couple of hairstylist readings the next time I was in getting my highlights darkened.  So, as I was in the chair, I was reading away for the girls.  

I am so used to doing my thing, whenever, wherever, it's no big deal to me.  What is and has always been a big deal is the way spirit is able to bring messages across to my clients.  So, there I am reading for this woman, and her dad is talking to me.  He didn't immediately come through, he was reserved and waited until the very end to talk to her.  He showed me how he crossed, described himself to me, and then he did a very peculiar thing.  He showed me a dollar bill and pointed at the pyramid.  

I asked her every possible question about pyramids that I could think, no, no.  Nothing rang a bell for her about pyramids.  They were obviously not Egyptian, neither of us could see the connection.  So, I said, well - you know just pay attention if someone mentions a pyramid to you.  I don't know what it means.  We were both okay with leaving the message at that.  BUT, her dad was insistent on pointing to this dollar bill with the pyramid...

You know messages from the other side is charades sometimes.  I am not all knowing, and have no idea sometimes what they are trying to make me understand, or to convey to my clients.  Often, time and sleeping on it are the only remedy to figure out what they were trying to get me to understand.  

It is frustrating to me to not get what they have traveled so far to say to my clients, so I kept thinking, and asked both women - what does that pyramid symbol mean? Finally, I get out a dollar bill so we can further inspect what her dad might be pointing out to her.  My hairdresser had finished her thing on my hair, and I was under a cap cooking.  She whips out her laptop and types in the lettering around the pyramid symbol and God bless google...the pyramid name literally means "He approves."

I would never have known that had she not googled it,  and my clients eyes really said everything.  I asked her if her dad was a non verbal guy...yes.  Did he never voice his  And, she mentioned that he was a farmer who carried the farmers almanac with him.  He lived by it.  Well, the farmers almanac is full of symbolic meanings, it is the oldest metaphysical, not so new thing, being printed.  It obviously was easier for her dad to show his emotions for her by a symbol than actions.  HE knew what the pyramid meant, we just had to figure it out!  

We struck a bargain.  I gave her the dollar that we used today, and she let me use the symbol in my readings...that's a good bargain.  She is going to frame her dad's dollar.  We need to remember, things are not always what they seem in this world.  Dig deeper - that pyramid you see in front of you may be much more than just three sides.  

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spirit chirpings!

I was asked this question today..."Why would a family member on the other side give "general " information in a reading about their loved ones, their lives, their crossing?  Well, they do use our life information as data to get our attention.  Humans are by nature selfish and the other side knows, there is no one that we humans like to hear about more than ourselves.  That is a blanket, yet, totally true statement.  

The other side to that statement is that after a while, the other side quits playing the reading game and will begin to deliver what I call non emotional information.  There is not emotion to the information because the person going back over and over again for the reading does not have a real emotional stake in the reading or information.  

Do our family members have better things to do on the other side than talk to us at our whim...YES.  However, if you are grieving and in true pain over the loss of a family member, then I think they do everything to help us heal.  That is until,  we either start abusing the connection, ie...repetitive readings, or we lose our emotional attachment.  

Mediumship or other types of readings are not meant to simply entertain us, they are meant to help us when we need it the most to find our direction.  Wanting constant information from the other side and needing healing are as far away from each other as Baptist and psychics.  

There is no negative emotion on the other side.  Yet, the other side are our teachers and they can be quite callous...they know when enough is enough and you can't fool them -  they always know a person's true intentions.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pink suits of armor...

Nobody remembers the cowardly  knight.  

They remember the mighty knight that slew the dragon and saved the day!

It may only take ONE act of bravery to turn your story into a fairy tale, too. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Girly ideas.

For many years I have used the nickname, "Psychik."  Those who know me, know, I do not take myself or life too seriously.  I enjoy using "Psychik" to identify myself to bring out both obvious aspects of myself.  First and foremost, I am a total girly girl and two,  I have claimed a powerful part of my soul, my intuition, and had the complete audacity to actually use it to identify myself as a person.  

Being a woman and intuitive are who I am, there is no turning away or use in trying to not "be" either one.  My reasoning, I might as well be both to the best of my abilities.  I throw tea parties, for no reason.  My nails and toes are always painted.  My garden screams, "A woman lives here who loves flowers!"  And, it is not a tidy garden either, I like to let nature be nature.  Sometimes, as in life, the garden is not always ruly or attractive.  I purposefully let one part of my garden stay wild.  It reminds me that life needs to ramble and that I should garden and live along with God, not without him.  Who am I to yank up every seedling out of my beds, they might be someone else's  great idea, just not mine.  

I have a beautiful Virginia Winter Creeper rambling it's way across my back patio.  I love it.  It makes me feel like I am living in another time, in a secret garden space full of magic...and it sprouted all on it's own.  Who knew?  One little weedy vine would bring me such joy.  Last week, I overheard a development crew next door warning each other "not to touch that poison oak growing up those trees..."  I smiled to myself, as I followed their pointed gloved fingers to another Virginia Winter Creeper Vine. 

My psychic side is connected to my feminine aspect as well.  Not forgetting intuition is also our connection back to God.  Many years ago I received the message from Spirit that we were all, as souls, over many lifetimes,  moving towards opening up that most feminine side of us.  That part of us of quiet power.  

Without regards to whether we lived our human lives as a man or woman, we were on a soul's journey to find our ultimate femininity.  This concept makes some - usually men, very uncomfortable.  Spirit was not saying feminine energy was better, but they did most definitely say the feminine, was what we as souls were moving towards claiming.  No person can argue, woman have been repressed, humiliated, controlled and discounted for far too long.

God created man and woman.  He gave woman a tool of creation.  We women come here with an actual tool, designed to create.  I have told many a client, "You came here with a uterus.  God recognized that you were an excellent creator in all aspects of your soul.  He doesn't give those out to just anybody!"  It is a bit ostentatious of man to then alter the manner in which God meant for woman to be.  Just like in my garden...God has his own ideas about our reality.  
My theory is then this:  If as a group we have repressed the embodiment of our soul which exhibits our raw feminine nature.  The very nature of our soul that, per spirit, we are all motivated into reclaiming, then no wonder our spiritual journey has been so difficult...We are denying it on a conscious level by allowing the living women of our planet to continue to be repressed.  


Free our women.  Free our souls.  Remember our true nature.  Live in a garden of joy with God.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Go ahead. Ride the milky way -

Here is a thought to consider - 

Have the audacity and courage to ask for the WHOLE galaxy. 

By default, you will at least get the moon and stars!

Let your soul go and swing from the stars.  Then, you will truly shine on!

PSL Friday

PSL tip for friday: 

The next time someone acts so far out of character your first reaction is to drop your jaw...before you say anything in response...Stop yourself from reacting to their most likely negative action, and find the humor in the situation.  There is always humor in every situation.  It may be strange humor - but it is there.  

Do not give them the response they are looking for ...shock them with humor.  The levity will immediately redirect and diffuse their energy and you will take control of the situation.  You will be showing them your master.  

A master knows that we are all learning, and even those jaw dropping moments are just moments, not forever.  So, the next time someone drops the bomb on you, find something to laugh about...don't laugh at them ....just the situation! 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Those famous webs...

Great happenings in life do not occur in the heavy workings of our day, but within the fine threads of reality,   

It is the many tiny, synchronizations of our day which spin together to create those amazing moments that change our world. 

Pay Attention.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jump on this!

Today Yahoo! reported that 200 new species of frogs have been discovered in Madagascar.  I find this terribly exciting and fascinating!  What a huge coincidence that we, as a planet are going through the biggest metamorphosis since the stone age, and look at there.  Two hundred new frogs!

Frogs are the universal sign for metamorphosis in my readings.  The native Indians link their energies to the moon.  With out a doubt, they are the premiere symbol for fertility. 

Ted Andrews in Animal Speak, says "The frog is the totem for metamorphosis." We humans, just as the frog, are going through the beginning stages of transformation to our true form.  Just as they turn from tadpoles to leggy leaf hoppers.  We are turning  into peaceful light beings in touch finally with our true spiritual essence.  OK, admittedly, the process may be different...then again - who knows ;-)

PSL: Practical Spiritual Living

It is easy for people like myself, who have spent years honing their spiritual connections to flippantly say things like...."Trust, and the answers will come." Or something like I read this morning, "Heaven is here on earth..." 

I would imagine that those comments do nothing for a person who is trying to keep their head above water, and the bills paid.  Times are tough right now.  Hell, they are tough even when we aren't in the midst of a huge earth changing time.  So, I see there is a need for raw spirituality.  The real stuff.  You need to hear something that will help you fix your problems.  You need something that will help you change your life, so you CAN realize your dreams. 

Telling someone who is new to spirituality and trying to keep all their family, bills, health and sanity taken care of, to go within.  Is pointless, until they knows what "within" is. 
They are going to ask, " Go within? Go in, where?" 

I get it.  There are steps to spirituality.  Just as with everything else, you need to start out with the basics and move on from there.  

Eventually, you will understand that "Go within, to find heaven," means, stop worrying.  Clear your mind.  Let go of the fear you are feeling, probably consumed with and you will feel that inner calm again.   It is very easy to let go, once you learn how to let go.  

So, here is your easy Practical Spiritual Living, or PSL, 2 minute exercise for the day. 

Put your feet flat to the floor. 
Put your hands palm down on your thighs.  Close your eyes.  Using your imagination, (and yes, you do have one and yes, you can visualize this in your head.)

Use your imagination to see in your minds eye a bright, white field of light in the air above your head.  See that light as wide as you can see, and as high up as you can see.  See it filling every space above your head.  Now, see that white light begin to pour into your head, down into your body, imagine it going all the way down your body and into the ground through your feet.  See that white light grow like roots, as far and wide as you can see into the earth.  Let yourself relax into that feeling of being totally consumed by that white light.  

Now, see the light begin to travel back up through your body and into the heavens above.  Sit here for just a minute or two and see the light traveling through you, moving from the heavens through you and back into the earth.  

Now, take a deep breath...and open your should feel completely calm...grounded between heaven and earth, in the Light of God.  

See - PSL - something you can use in just two minutes, sitting at your desk.  Use it freely, as many times a day, as needed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Never say "Uncle.."

There was a person in my past who once told me...

" NO one will ever care about what you do.  Walk away from it. "

I prove that person wrong everyday.  

Do not ask for your adversaries to be removed from your life.  They are in your life to move you forward.  Like the current in a river, they will push you past those murky points in your life. Beyond the chaos, a calming pool of accomplishment will be your soothing reward for your tenacity.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lunch with the Head Chef

A man goes into the same restaurant every day for lunch.  He orders the same item everyday, with a glass of iced tea.  Immediately upon receiving his plate of food, he reaches for the salt and pepper, seasons his food and eats his lunch.  

He is a man of routine.  He doesn't like change.  He likes the eatery, but some days the cook does have his off days and the man ends up with heartburn.  

Years later when he crosses over he is talking to God about his accomplishments in his life, or better yet, the lack there of.  He asks God why he never sent him better opportunities.  God tells him, he sent him plenty.  He asks God why life never seemed to go his way, God tells him, he set up a perfect path for him.   God tells him he needed to trust more.  

He reminds the man of his daily lunch ritual.  He points out to him, everyday, no matter what you ordered, you immediately seasoned it yourself, before tasting the food.  You gave no thought about the kitchen's knowledge or training on food altered every dish they brought you.  

The man asks God, what does lunch have to do with our conversation?  God tells him, you did the same thing to everything I ever created for you.  Immediately upon receiving it, you altered it before sampling the experience I prepared for you.  Had you just left things alone, you would have enjoyed them so much more, and you would not have experienced so much heart...burn!

When opportunities come to you, trust they are perfectly created for you by God.  Taste them.  Savor them.  Enjoy their beauty!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday night chirpings!

Climb onto the highest branch you can find. 
Stand tall and sing your song. 
It is, after all, the tune God composed especially for you.

-Carla Mae

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Petal Power


Be Stunning 

-Carla Mae

Friday, May 1, 2009

You heathen - YOU!

Years ago a documentary/expose was made about the New Age movement.  Several groups of people were followed and their belief systems were exposed.  Some were into Buddhism, some were into Metaphysics,  other's into their own spiritual new age journey.   All belief's discussed were considered to be fringe religions.

The interesting thing about the whole expose was, in the end, the segment host came to one conclusion.  His conclusion: 

No matter what type of creed, religion, ritual or crazy belief these "fringe" people were following, it appeared that they were all...happy!  Despite their dabbling in the occult.  Despite their seemingly devilish worshipping and wayward paths, they all were content in their lives and happy to be.  

They lived lives of tolerance, allowing others to live and let live.  Judgement was not a part of their character.  They all seemed to just live joyous, simple lives.  

It is interesting to me that today it appears those people most upset by the new energy, that seems to have infected the whole planet, are not those living hedonistic life's, but those who follow hard core fundamentalist religious doctrines.  I am thinking they might be able to learn something from the heathens of the world.  

Signed - 

A happy, joyful, tolerant - heathen